2017/09/02 - [News] Dates announced for MORRIGAN's 1st EU tour!

A while ago there was an announcement by Kinetic Vibe about an European tour for MORRIGAN, but no dates were announced. Until now.

MORRIGAN's first European tour has been named 'BLACK WING', and will visit Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, The Netherlands and France during their six shows.

More information about the shows and ticket prices will be announced by the tour organizers soon. This article will be updated with more information once it becomes available.

Although this is the first visual kei tour for Kinetic Vibe, they have organized shows for Korean artists like 24K, Block B and The Barberettes and others in Europe before.

Ticket sales will start for all dates on Friday, September 15 at 6 PM (GMT+2).
Lucca: More information coming in October.
Munich: http://www.me-shop.de
Prague: http://www.kineticvibe.net/events/morrigan-1st-european-tour-black-wing-in-prague
Warsaw: http://www.kineticvibe.net/events/morrigan-1st-european-tour-black-wing-in-warsaw
Amstelveen: http://www.kineticvibe.net/events/morrigan-1st-european-tour-black-wing-in-amsterdam
Paris: https://www.weezevent.com/morrigan

2017/07/20 - [Fanart] Adam (ADAMS) by zilch00_kei

This fanart was actually made last year, but I've never gotten around to share it until now.

On July 14 it was exactly four years ago since AVO Blog celebrated their 10th anniversary with the AVO Festival. On this day I was there to take photos of the live shows of Gothika, ADAMS and VANIRU.
Ever since these photos were published -especially the ones from ADAMS-, I have seen what an amazing impact ADAMS had on the world with their shows and overall concept as musicians, which had a tragic early end due to the unexpected passing away of Shota.

To both celebrate the now 14th anniversary of AVO Blog and a mini-memorial of ADAMS, I decided to share this fanart with you all now.

Arlequin Photography is a one-woman hobby project born out of a combined love for photography and the visual aspect of jrock and visual kei.

Originally started as a project of a duo under the name of VKPhotographyNL in 2009, the name changed back to Arlequin Photography officially in 2017 after retirement of one of the two. I never expected to still be doing this today, and it makes me happy every day that I still can.

I do not get any financial gain from this whatsoever, I receive no money for my images, and none of them are for sale. Everything about this project is for entertainment and promotion of the artists only.