A chat with: ダウト (D=OUT) @ Tivoli de Helling

Special thanks to D=OUT and their management for sitting down with us for this unconventional interview. Guys, thanks so much for dealing with the unusual questions!


01. To start everything off with, welcome back to Europe and The Netherlands! As you might know, a lot of Japanese bands don’t tour outside of Japan at all or do an US tour only. What makes you come all the way from Japan to a small country like ours?
D=OUT: We love the Dutch fans and it all feels like a band meeting.

02. You come to Europe as a band with five individuals. When you started out, did you ever expect to get this far with each other or did all of this happen completely unexpected?
D=OUT: We have never really thought about it.

03. Does your passion for music have a history? Meaning, did you always want to play in a band ever since you were little, or did others influence you?
Hikaru: I love music since I was born.
Kouki: I wanted to play music since elementary school.
Ibuki: Started playing guitar six years ago.

04. As an artist you get to work with a lot of different people. Did you ever encountered people as a band that were clearly against everything you stand for with D=OUT, and if not, imagine that to happen. What does that do to you, and what would you do? Attempt to explain and convince them or just leave it?
D=OUT: We have encountered people that were against us. We try to explain and show them our music and if that doesn’t work we forget about it.

05. This time you are in Europe for the Carnival Ukiyo tour. Normally all your outfits match each other perfectly, but with this tour you combine several styles like light and dark with each other. Is this more of a personal preference for each member or the complete opposite (like what you don’t like to wear daily) like the thought of Carnival is meant to be?
D=OUT: We like all our outfits, otherwise we wouldn’t wear them.

06. Some of your previous costumes had returning elements, like Reika’s star necklace, Ibuki’s eyestones and Hikaru’s and Kouki’s piercings. Do these things have a special meaning, or are they just there to fit the rest of the costume?
Kouki: We wear our piercings both on stage and in private, they’re accepted in the current fashion anyway.
Reika: I just love stars.
Ibuki: It’s a part of my fashion.

07. In Japan it’s more or less normal for bands to dress up in beautiful costumes for their show, but here non-jrock fans call everything female or gay by default. Did you ever encounter a situation where people said that straight in your face and made you feel uncomfortable?
D=OUT: It may have happened before, but we don’t really care when they say that.

08. As you might have heard, we are working on a school assignment about jrock/visual kei and why we like it. What draws us to the genre are the music and the outfits, but why exactly do you wear them?
D=OUT: We are a little crazy, and we’re just trying how far we can go with them.

09. With D=OUT and the other members you came really far, you can tour outside of Japan and have many overseas fans! What keeps you motivated to keep going with this band and the many fans it has?
D=OUT: We have no plans of quitting. We’re happy together as a band. And if one member feels like quitting they’re going to be killed. (Laugh.)

10. What are you trying to reach with your music globally?
D=OUT: We are trying to tell a story, we would really like it if the fans went to look for translations of our songs to find out what the meanings of them are.

11. D=OUT’s songs are so catchy to listen to, but where do you get the ideas for your songs from?
D=OUT: We draw inspiration from each other. We all have different interests and ideas and we talk about things together and form those together in a song.

12. For your visual appearance you use costumes, but do you design these entirely yourself, and if no, do you choose your outfits then?
D=OUT: We design them ourselves, but someone else makes them for us.

13. What songs are you looking forward to play most this tour?
Kouki: Sunrise!
Ibuki: Satellite TV.
Hikaru: Everything!
Reika: Hanasaku Beauty.
Minase: Everything!

14. And lastly, do you have any special message for your fans here in The Netherlands?
Ibuki: I love the Netherlands!
Hikaru: We came all the way from Japan, so I really love it to have fans here.
Minase: I would like to come here again, and again!
Kouki: I want to live in Europe and learn the languages and the people.
Reika: Next time I want to come in private.

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