A chat with: Yuhma (from Luzmelt) & Gunji (from the fool) @ Tivoli de Helling

Before the show at Tivoli de Helling, part of the Jap-Ro festival organized by Astan Magazin, I managed to sit down with Yuhma (Luzmelt) and Gunji (the fool) for a quick interview in which we briefly spoke about the stories behind the names of their bands, their fashion, and what they think about the tour.

01. First, could you please introduce yourselves so the readers know who you are?
Yuhma: I’m the vocalist of Luzmelt, Yuhma.
Gunji: I’m Gunji, vocalist of the fool.

02. For the both of you it’s your first time in Europe, what do you think of Europe?
Yuhma & Gunji: We have not seen much from Europe at all, but we both want to come to Europe more often and we are having a great time being here.

03. Music is a very interesting profession, what made you want to play in a band rather then a normal profession, and if you didn’t play in a band, what would you want to do for a profession then?
Yuhma: I grew up when visual kei was rising in Japan with bands like X Japan and Luna Sea. They inspired me at an early age of wanting to be a member of a band. When I got older I started writing and composing myself and if that didn’t work out, I wanted to teach elementary children.
Gunji: When I was little my brother was always playng guitar in his room and it inspired me to listen to music, so the passed ten years I have listened to many styles of music and took it all in to create my own style like you can see and hear now with the fool. My brother is the guitarist now, haha! If that didn’t work out I wanted to become a vet.

04. Luzmelt is a very interesting name, but so is the fool. What made you choose these names for your bands?
Yuhma: Luzmelt actually is formed by some favorite words of the members. ‘Luz’ comes from the Spanish language and means something like ‘sparkle’ or ‘sparkling’. We combined it with the English ‘melt’ and together Luzmelt means something like ‘the melting of the sparkle’ or maybe even glitter. We don’t know! But we really liked the name!
Gunji: We are all a bit ‘fool’ish, haha!

05. For your band and image you make use of outfits, but what made you choose to follow the visual kei genre rather then a more mainstream (American/European) style?
Yuhma: We want to bring a message with our band. And we bring this message through our lyrics, our music and our outfits. Our outfits match our image and ideas and are a big part of it.
Gunji: The style created itself instead of us creating the style. What we look like is influenced by our own music.

06. Lastly, do you have a message for your fans here?
Yuhma: It’s the very first time for us in Europe, and even though we did not perform just yet we really want to come back again!
Gunji: We really want to thank the fans already and we hope they will appreciate our music. Through our MySpace, OHP (Official Home Page) and even our Ameba blogs there is enough room for fans to interact with each other and we really hope they will. And we want to return here again and again!

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