A chat with: El -Ethnic Legist- @ Le Tipi

I would like to thank Râmen Events for their help and El -Ethnic Legist- for their time. Without either of you this interview wouldn’t be possible!


01. Welcome to Europe, as I heard it’s your first time here. Could you please tell the readers who you are?
El -Ethnic Legist-: We are El -Ethnic Legist-, and we consist of El on guitar, Yuma on vocals, Sin on drums and Higi on bass.

02. El -Ethnic Legist- is a very interesting name. Does it have a special meaning?
El -Ethnic Legist-: In the beginning our music was based on folklore of the Christian religion, and we were known as Ethnic Legist. People started to name us ‘EL’ instead, so we changed it to El -Ethnic Legist-.

03. We have seen a lot of different styles and themes within the visual kei music industry, but an Egyptian theme seems rather unique. Why did you choose this theme for your band?
El: I have been into Egyptian music and heavy metal for a long time and thought it would be an unique sound if those two elements were combined into one.

04. Does having an Egyptian theme mean you have a favorite Egyptian god or historical person that you have referenced in your work somehow?
El: The original concept was mummies. They were my first encounter when I visited Egypt and it got me interested in other historical things so I started to gain more information about mythology. This means we have no specific god influencing our band.

05. What influenced you to start playing music?
El: Ever since childhood I was influenced by the guitar because my father played it.
Yuma: I have no influence in particular, I always wanted to sing.
Higi: I played drums first, but I felt like I wanted to stand more to the front within a band, so the bass was a great option for me.
Sin: I played the guitar first, but I was very influenced by Yoshiki from X JAPAN and took a turn from the guitar to the drums because of him.

06. How did you get to play music together as this particular group of individuals?
El: Sin, Yuma and myself have been playing in another band together since 2006 while Higi was in another band. Coincidentally both bands split up on September 11, 2008 and the four of us united together exactly a year later. It’s funny that our first European tour started on September 11 2010!

07. When you are not busy with music yourself, do you listen to music made by other artists, and if so could you name some that you enjoy?
El: I don’t really listen to any artist in particular. But I do look up artists playing celtic music on YouTube.
Sin: Inca.
Yuma: Mostly anime music, like the opening theme for the Dragon Ball series, but also a lot of others.
Higi: I don’t really listen to others. I prefer listening to the music played by my own bands.

08. What made you decide to start a European tour, as many other bands decide not to, especially this early in their career?
El: Nationality is not important to us. As long as people like our music we will go anywhere!

09. Which songs are you looking forward to the most during this tour?
Yuma: Durga and Asteretem.

10. Are there any other countries that you would have loved to visit during this tour, but did not get the chance to?
El: The Netherlands of course! (Because you are from there.) And Germany!

11. Thank you so much for your time, but there is one more question. Is there anything you’d like to share for all the people that didn’t make it to your shows in Europe this time?
El -Ethnic Legist-: Ever since we started we have dreamed about playing in Europe more and more, and we really hope that we can meet everyone in person at our shows someday!

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