A chat with: the fool @ P60

I’d like to thank Râmen Events for their help, and the fool for their time. Without you this interview wouldn’t have been possible!

01. What made you decide to name your first album [Crazy frogs around the world]?
the fool: As a three-member band, each of us a ‘crazy frog’, so the first part is about us only. Currently we are doing a world tour, so we are all around the world. Putting this together you get [Crazy frogs around the world].

02. So this is your second time in Europe. While you are here, are you planning on doing some sightseeing and if so, where would you like to go to see?
the fool: We wanted to go to Brussels to see the city, but it was way too cold! So when we arrive in Paris at December 4th, we are really hoping to look around there.

03. How did you three meet each other? We know from the previous interview two of you are related (brothers) but what about the third member?
Gunji: Goo is my brother, as you know from the previous interview. Taca however was my student when I was still playing guitar, and joined us as we had a really good feeling together.

04. ‘the fool’ is a three-member band without a drummer, how did this come this way?
the fool: In Japan we have a support drummer and a support bassist, but for the world tour now we are just with the three of us since we have such a good feeling together. So basically we only are a three-members-on-stage band outside of Japan, while in Japan we have support with us.

05. What do you look forward the most when you play shows? Is it the enthusiasm of the audience, or is there something else?
Gunji: We try to get the audience as one group that follows our every move, so I can eventually dive off the stage as a stage diver. When we play lives in different countries then Japan we get to see all kinds of different cultures, as well as difference between the fans themselves. We always look forward to that.

06. In our previous interview we asked Gunji about what he wanted to be if he wasn’t a musician. He told us he wanted to be a vet, for cats. But what would you like to be if you weren’t musicians, Goo and Taca?
Taca: I want to be a happy grandpa. (Everyone laughs, including Taca himself.)
Goo: I would want to be a teacher for small children, like a kindergarten or elementary school.

07. Is there any musician you really look up to? Like a role model or something comparable?
Gunji: (Thinks for a very long time.) I look up to Goo and Taca. (Everyone laughs.) It’s a very cheap answer, but it’s true! (Still laughing, of course.)
Goo & Taca: We can only agree. (Laughs.)

08. I bet they also have ambitions. But what are your ambitions? What would you like to reach with the fool?
the fool: A second European tour. Recently we have been to Mexico, which was one of our dreams. But we get new dreams with every tour we do so they always get bigger!

09. Did you have any nightmares on this tour?
Goo: I was sleeping in Montpelier a few days ago and I saw myself in my dream. I lost my nose piercing and I couldn’t find it anymore so I was getting all stressed!
Taca: I was in the same room and woke up from the stressing Goo while he was still sleeping. I just watched it and eventually he woke up, grabbed his nose and noticed everything was fine!
Goo: Thank god, I was so scared!

10. And last but not least, do you have any message for the people that could not make it to your show today?
the fool: We really, really will try our best to come here for a third time, so please come see us then!

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