A chat with: -OZ- @ Tivoli de Helling

I would like to thank A.S.S. Concerts for their help, and -OZ- for their time. Without you this interview wouldn’t have been possible!


01. Since this is your very first time in Europe, what do you think of the continent so far? Is there anything special that you would want to see or have seen during this tour?
Natsuki: We are enjoying this tour very much and are having a lot of fun. All the food we have had until now has been delicious too!

02. Now to the real questions. You have given your band quite the interesting name. How did you come to name the band -OZ-?
Tama: Our band name doesn’t really have a meaning, we just heard it from someone once and it was a huge inspiration to us, which made us decide to name our band -OZ-.

03. How long ago did you guys decide you wanted to be a band together?
Aki & Natsuki: We started our band in February 2005.

04. Can you describe how you feel your music has evolved since you first started to play as a group?
Aki: Live performances were just shows to us, people came and watched us play, but now we are doing our shows together with our audience and the fans to create a really good show that comes together with good emotions.

05. What are your ambitions with -OZ-?
Tama: The European tour was one of our ambitions already, we want to bring our shows to the fans that have been waiting for a very long time here. But there are always people waiting in other countries so we want to go everywhere where the fans are.
Natsuki: We want to have a lot of stamps on our passports! (Everyone laughs.)

06. Could you tell me a bit how you guys make your music? Like who writes it, who makes the designs for the cover art and outfits, like the overall process you guys go through making the music you make?
Natsuki: Tama is our main composer, I do the lyrics myself but for all the rest we get together and talk about things like artwork and what we will wear on stage.

07. Outside of the music world I’m sure you do something else for recreation like going to the museum or a walk in the park for instance. What does -OZ- do during their time off?
Aki: I do something with music, music is my hobby. But not just the guitar! (Laughs.)
Tama: Drinking and beer…
Zukki: … (Everyone looks at Zukki.) … Oh! (Everyone laughs.) I like fishing, angling and camping.
Nao: I like Japanese Animation.
Natsuki: I’m a computer maniac.

08. And last but not least, do you have a message for all the fans that were here today, the ones that didn’t make it and the new fans you might have gained?
-OZ-: We are enjoying this tour and Europe a lot! We really want to come back and to the people that we have not visited yet, please wait a bit more for us because we really want to come back!

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