A chat with: HITT @ P60

Before his show in P60 I managed to sit down with HITT for a short interview, in which we talk about his European tour, instruments, performing by himself versus performing with a group and what he likes to do in his free time. A shockingly calm activity for an artist this energetic!


01. How is your Europe tour getting along?
HITT: I think it’s very important to be healthy during tour. Right now I have a bit of a cold, but I still think it is a whole lot of fun. Today is the fourth show of the tour but I think it’s kinda little for a Europe tour altogether.

02. What is the craziest thing you have ever done on tour?
HITT: I’m very proud that I have never had to cancel a performance before but today I fell off the stairs, so my foot really hurts…

03. How many instruments do you play?
HITT: I play the piano, bass and the castanet, but no guitar.

04. Out of these instruments, which one is your favorite?
HITT: The most fun one is living.

05. Was it hard to master so many instruments?
HITT: To be honest, I’m bad in everything so I have no clue what I do. I just do something. I’m actually a vocalist so the instruments are only to support my voice. My voice is a musical instrument as well and I want to be very good at this so I put a lot of effort in my voice.

06. Is it difficult to perform on your own? Like playing different instruments and well, multitasking?
HITT: Today is the second time I am in the P60, two years ago I came here as a bassist with another band. When I saw the venue here I got all happy because I recognized this place. When I came here with that other band I was merely one member of a four-person band so I had room to ask for help. Now I am here on my own so everything I do is my own responsibility. But it still is great fun!

07. In an interview published on JaMe-World from 2009, before you went on your Europe tour, you mentioned you want everyone in the audience to look at you on stage. Where does this desire come from?
HITT: It is something genetic to pull all the attention to myself, something I have since birth. I love getting attention and when I was little I grew into ‘adulthood’ pretty fast by using hair gel and makeup at an early age because I thought it was fun. The many instruments I play are the support for my voice to create new things, which means I get attention again. The more fun I have the more attention I get.

08. What is an important factor for you when you design your outfits?
HITT: There are two very important things when I design my outfits. One is ‘being yourself’. Like when I make something I think ‘would I feel comfortable in that when I wear it daily?’ and generally feel good about myself. The other one is being sexy in a costume. This pulls attention and gives me the motivation to go on. For instance, I have made the costume for Kakkotsuke Man myself (which means ‘selfloving person’ in Japanese). I combined something really cool with something really un-cool and made myself prettier. During that process I decided to wave around my scarf a lot in an over exaggerated way to get myself to think like the character. My first idea was to make it silver, but eventually I created something naked!

09. What do you like to do in your free time, other then music?
HITT: It’s actually a secret, but I like doing nothing when I have time alone. Sometimes I go to the beach all alone and stare into the distance there. I get a lot of stress so that is one way to relax.

10. What would you have done as a profession if you weren’t a musician?
HITT: Be a God. I’m good in reading people’s feelings. When I am on the stage performing I look at the audience to see if they are having fun or not. If they are, that makes me all the more excited and motivated to continue and put down a good show.

11. Is there a message you would like to share while you’re here?
HITT: Yes, I do. Please come to my concerts because the only way you can experience a HITT-concert is to see one as it happens, live!

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