A chat with: ネガ (NEGA) @ Tivoli de Helling

Before their show in Tivoli de Helling I managed to sit down with the guys of NEGA for an interview, in which we talk about what they would like to see during their first visit to Europe, what they have seen so far, what they would be doing if they weren’t musicians, and of course since everyone has them: dreams.


01. Welcome to Europe and The Netherlands! Could you please introduce yourself for our readers?
Jin: I’m Vomitter Jin.
Yuu: I’m Yuu on drums and piano.
Ray: Bassist and shout-chorus Ray.
San: I’m San and I play guitar and sometimes chelmey.

02. First, we want to congratulate you with your latest “revival” single FABLE IN THE COLD BED! Could you tell us a bit about this single? Like why did you give it this name and what inspired the art for the covers?
Jin: The cover of type B shows there is a heaven in my bedroom, along with an angel. The cover of type C shows hell and darkness, and the third cover, for type A, is inspired from the lyrics.

03. Now, this is your first tour in Europe. Are there any places you want to see while you’re here?
Yuu: In The Netherlands we want to see the windmills!
Ray: I want to see the beaches of Europe.
San: I would really like to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France… We did a concert in France only several days ago but we didn’t have enough time to see the tower.
Jin: We would really like to come back and explore more of Europe!

04. You already had a few shows in Europe now, and we know European fans do crazy things, but they give crazy things too. What is the craziest thing you have ever received from someone or seen someone do?
Jin: At one show I stagedived, and someone grabbed me in my personal space. (laugh)
Yuu: At the end of a show I threw one of my drumsticks in the audience and I was amazed to see some very tall, strong guys somewhat fight for my stick!
Ray: I received underwear… Both for men and for women! (laugh)
San: During an MC in France I was talking about chocolate snacks, and someone threw them at me from the audience so I tried to catch one with my mouth and when I did, I ate it! (laugh)

05. Next up, we have some questions about the band and it’s image. First, how old were you when you discovered your musical talent?
Jin: I discovered my talent about ten years ago.
Yuu: I taught piano-lessons to three-year olds before…
Ray: At the age of fifteen I learned I really liked to play music.
San: About nine years ago.

06. If for some mysterious reason you had not discovered your awesome musical talent, what would you have been doing now for a profession?
Jin: I would probably be homeless! (laugh) No, I have never really thought about it.
Yuu: I would be a café master.
Ray: I would work at Takoya Kei (Japanese food) making octopus related food, or otokmiyaki.
San: I would be in a car shop.

07. When you formed NEGA, what was your goal? What kind of image did you want to give your fans/audience?
Jin: When I formed NEGA I hoped to be the best performer in the world, or the best vocalist.
Yuu: I wanted, and still want, to play my own sound forever.
San: To seek more good music and more a deep world of NEGA.

08. Do you guys make/design your own costumes? And could you tell us a bit about the idea behind your current costumes?
Jin: We design our costumes ourselves. I like various styles of fashion and take my inspiration from there.
Yuu: This is visual kei.
San: I imagined a vampire of the future.
Ray: I am a samurai vampire.
Jin: I’m a modern vampire.

09. What would be your ultimate dream? This can be a dream as a band or as a person, you choose.
Jin: My dreams are to keep evolving myself.
Yuu: I want to live at the countryside.
San: I want to be the most famous guitarist of the world.

10. What do you like to do when you are not busy with music? Like a hobby or something alike?
Jin: I play basketball or football but I usually don’t have time.
Yuu: I’m a really big fan of movies, like Titanic for example.
Ray: Watching football.
San: When I have time I watch DVDs of Masked Rider.

11. And last but not least: do you have a message for your fans here in Europe?
Yuu: This tour is the very first time in Europe for me, so I want to come back soon.
San: We like the European audience, but European fans are not a part of NEGA yet. We want to see them more deeply.

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