A chat with: Kiwamu (from BLOOD) @ P60

Before their show at P60 I managed to sit down with guitarist and leader Kiwamu (BLOOD) for an interview, in which we talk about his very tight schedule during this tour, how BLOOD has evolved over the years and what is going to happen in the future due to the departure of their current vocalist.


01. Welcome to The Netherlands! Could you introduce yourself to everyone reading this interview so they know who you are exactly?
Kiwamu: I am the leader of the band BLOOD. I have two labels in Japan, one is for gothic bands (Darkest Labyrinth) and the other is for visual kei (Starwave Records).

02. We know you like to refer to your band as a gothic band… So which gothic bands do you like/get your inspiration from?
Kiwamu: I don’t think it’s gothic; I get my inspiration from movies and novels but I do listen to some gothic bands so I am sure there is some influence but I don’t know what exactly or to what extend.

03. You have a really tight schedule for this tour! How are you managing so far?
Kiwamu: After a European tour some bands come back and say it’s hard, but I think this is because they also need to drive and are running on very little sleep. We don’t have to do anything this tour, the label arranged everything for us.

04. Would you like to return one day with more time for sightseeing?
Kiwamu: This is our very first show in The Netherlands. I have been in Europe for the first time eight years ago but due to circumstances I never came here.

05. BLOOD has evolved a lot over the years in sound and visuals… Compared to how it was long ago, are you happy with how BLOOD turned out today?
Kiwamu: I work for the label more than I work for the band so I can’t see the music scene itself very well. Therefore I decided to return with BLOOD, only with new members. But we play the same old songs which I played before.

06. What made you start playing music?
Kiwamu: I watched a music video and got very interested, so much I wanted to form a band but I had no label at that time. It felt natural for me to make a label and add my own band to it.

07. Why did you choose the instrument you’re playing now?
Kiwamu: Originally I was a bassist, but I wrote and composed most of the songs so I changed my role from bassist to guitarist because it felt like a natural thing to do. Each instrument is important on it’s own but I still compose the songs alone, each instrument at a time. So during the composing I play each instrument myself. Guitar, bass, drums, even vocals.

08. What kind of profession would you have if the world had no instruments?
Kiwamu: During the early activity of BLOOD I worked as a graphic designer for an advertisement company.

09. Do you have any hobbies besides playing music?
Kiwamu: Many people have asked me this question, but I don’t really have a hobby besides playing music or making graphics.

10. Do you have a message for everyone reading this interview?
Kiwamu: Finally I can come to The Netherlands and I hope the people here like our music, and I hope to be able to return here soon.

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