A chat with: Calmando Qual @ Tivoli Spiegelbar

Before their show in Tivoli Spiegelbar I managed to sit down with Calmando Qual for an interview, in which we talk about their love for anime, how they feel about returning to Europe and what they want to do when they are back in Japan.


01. This would be the sixth time in Europe for most of you, and the first time in Europe for MAYA.
Did you have any expectations before you came here? And if so, did they come true or did you feel like you’ve landed in a completely different world?
MAYA: Europe is fun. Before I came here I knew Europe was different from Japan, and it really is, but Europe is fun!

02. I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of different things while being here in Europe. What is the most weird experience you’ve had here? Either as a band on stage or during your time off.
Hibiki: When we stayed in Belgium during a day off I went out for a walk and got thirsty. I wanted to buy a coke but I can’t speak French and couldn’t ask how much it was and the old lady that owned the shop just looked at me weirdly.

03. Looking at most other Japanese musicians that come tour Europe, you’re really something else. With a darker image and a different sound. Did you ever expect to come to Europe as much as you have now?
Kenka: We wanted to come to Europe for a really long time, and yes we’re really something different.

04. When you look forward regarding music, are there any goals you’ve set for yourselves? Like achieving a certain sound with your music and your fans accepting it with open arms, or playing in a country you’ve never been before for instance?
Hibiki: We would like to any place where we can rock with the fans and we would like to express Calmando Qual in every country over the world.

05. Today is the last date of your European Tour. Looking back on everything, what did you like most? Are you happy overall with the way the lives went and how the audience reacted to you?
Hibiki: We have been to nine different countries and played nine different shows, and every time the audience was really waiting for it and we really enjoyed that. We really want to come back again!

06. When you return to Japan again, are you going to take a few days off and recover from touring here? What do you usually do on days off in general?
Tak: I usually get some tempura udon.
Hibiki: Usually when I am on a day off I drink beer, and I also like to look on the internet for new Japanese bands I don’t know about and I can take inspiration from.
Kenka: I drink beer and I like to watch anime.
MAYA: I like to watch pro-wrestling on TV.

07. Someone told me you’re all big fans of anime and manga. What makes anime fun to watch or manga fun to read for you? Do you judge it on art, the story or something completely different?
Kenka: Manga and anime are a part of the culture in Japan. Ever since we are children we grow up reading and watching it. When we grow up sometimes we watch less and less, but it’s still a part of our culture. For me personally if the story is good I can read or watch anything.
Tak: I like Dragonball!
MAYA: I like the ones that make me cry.
Kenka: I like the ones with comedy…

08. And finally, do you have a message for all your fans?
Kenka: I’m happy from the bottom of my heart, and I really hope I can come here again.

MAYA: It has been four years that I have been really waiting for this European tour, and I enjoyed it from beginning to end and I really want to thank everyone that came to our lives!
Tak: It was nothing like a job, it was really fun to come to Europe and I know that the next time we come to Europe we will have improved our skills and it will be even better.
Hibiki: I would say the same as the other members, but I would like to add that even if we can’t speak the same language our music is universal and we can all enjoy it together here in Europe. And I would like to say to everyone I love you and thanks!

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