Starwave Records will release Syokudaikakkokai’s 1st single

Starwave records will relesase the first single of Syokudaikakkokai, “Kagurazaka EXPLOSION“, on August 27, 2014!

“First edition bonus: a washing machine! …(not really)
In 2014, to combat the prolonged slump in sales, the appliance industry dispatched visual kei!! Representing the new possibilities of salarymen x visual kei, Syokudaikakkokai, from a green room where they can’t even stand up straight, offers their latest CD with entry to the pro wrestling match!”
Dokusatsu Terrorist – Ichirou


Live schedule:
August 10, 2014: Takadanobaba Club Phase (Release party)

Release information:
August 10, 2014: Available for pre-sale at live venues.
August 27, 2014: On sale in stores.

Disc number: SWSD-2
Label: Starwave Records
Distribution: FWD Inc.
Price: 1,500 yen (tax in)
Limit: 1,000 copies
Extra: CD+DVD

01 – Kagurazaka EXPLOSION
02 – Shimokitazawa Daisensou
03 – Suicide Morning

01 – Kagurazaka EXPLOSION (MV)

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