A chat with: 砂月-SATSUKI- @ P60

Before his show at P60 I managed to sit down with 砂月-SATSUKI-for an interview, in which we speak about his support members for this tour, why he decided to become a musician, and how surprisingly little he actually needs to get his creative juices flowing.


01. Your new album is titled Squall of Emotions, and your current tour carries the same name. Looking back on it, did you achieve what you hoped for with this name (like, a lot of emotions from the audience)?
砂月-SATSUKI-: I want you to feel more emotions after listening to my songs. I also got a lot of inspiration from this tour because of the energy the fans gave me. I had so many good responses here.

02. While you’re here you of course have a language barrier with your audience. Do you feel any different (negatively?) while you play outside of Japan?
砂月-SATSUKI-: I’m feeling difficulty, so now I am trying to study English, and many languages. Because I feel it’s difficult to communicate and I want to bring my words to a broader audience.

03. Right now you have a few musicians with you. What was your motivation to choose these people in particular?
砂月-SATSUKI-: Last year I came to Europe with Sana, which were a lot of good memories for me. And I promised the audience then that I would come with Sana again, so this year that is a dream coming true. I wanted to introduce Leona, because I like his music. I was friends already with all support members, so we played together in the studio once and it felt good, so I wanted to bring them on tour.

04. What inspired you to become a musician? If it was a certain artist, do you still feel the same about his artist as you did when you wanted to start playing music professionally?
砂月-SATSUKI-: I don’t have anyone I look up to. I just felt inside that I wanted to sing.

05. We know you play piano and violin, but is there any other instrument you’d wish you were able to play?
砂月-SATSUKI-: Drums. I can’t play drums… But I also want to practice the piano more to become better at it.

06. When you write music you need inspiration. Imagine yourself sitting at home and looking for inspiration for a new song. Where do you look? Do you think about your family members, certain moments of your own life, or maybe a special pet? What do you need to write?
砂月-SATSUKI-: Coffee! (laughs)
Stephany: (laughs) Aside from coffee?
砂月-SATSUKI-: Just coffee, and a comfortable situation. So a nice room, maybe some nature and a proper air conditioning. And coffee.

07. Do you just use music as a profession, or do you listen to music as a recreational/relaxation method as well? If yes, is there any special sound or artist you prefer?
砂月-SATSUKI-: I don’t really listen to music. I can’t concentrate on it as a relaxation. I analyze all songs, all the time.

08. If we would tell you now you could choose one artist to do a collaboration with, who would you choose and why? (This can be from anywhere in the world, doesn’t have to be Japan specific.)
砂月-SATSUKI-: Chester Bennington, the vocalist from Linkin Park. I’ve always wanted to work with him, scream with him… I just love his work!

09. From everything you’ve seen and done here in Europe, is there one event that you will remember for a long time? (This can be literally anything.)
砂月-SATSUKI-: I will remember everything! In my work as an artist, this tour is very important to me. Because I got so much inspiration from this tour. I especially want to improve my English to communicate with everyone better.

10. And finally… Is there anything you would like to say to your fans in Europe through us?
砂月-SATSUKI-: Please help me learn more English! And please invite me here again! I really want to come here again, so I really hope the fans will continue to support me!

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