A chat with: Shota and Adam (from ADAMS) @ 330live

Before their show in 330live I managed to talk to Shota and Adam (ADAMS) for an interview. In this interview we talk about their experiences in The Netherlands two days in a row since they were at OshareCon the day before, what reaction they had from their audience when they initially presented their concept, and what they would say to the younger versions of themselves.


01. Welcome to The Netherlands! For this tour this is your second performance in The Netherlands. Do you like it here, as obviously you liked us enough to come back?
Adam: I like it!
Shota: I like it, because we could walk in Utrecht today, downtown, to get some lunch. It is very cold though! And the people are very nice.

02. When you were planning this tour, what made you decide to come here a third time?
Shota: The very first show we only did four shows. Utrecht, Germany and Luxembourg. Nobody knew about us, but in Utrecht we played at the AVO J-Rock Festival, and we were received with so much enthusiasm that we continued to come back.

03. Yesterday you have been at OshareCon, did you get to see anything of the convention? And if yes, did you like it?
Shota: The timing yesterday was very short. So we only got to play our show, but we did get to see a lot of fans and the signing session was very fun.

04. At a convention like OshareCon there are a lot of people who especially dress up for the occasion. So your audience must have had people like that too. What do you think about an audience like that? Do you like it better than an audience in regular clothes?
Shota: People can wear any kind of fashion. I really don’t care. If it is me personally I choose clothing that fits my style. But other people can have a different style, so I pretty much like all fashion.

05. When you started with ADAMS, you had a concept of telling the story of creation as Adam and Adam rather than Adam and Eve. A lot of suggestion that goes around regarding this includes ‘they’re gay’. When you first started in Japan, did they accept your concept right away, or were there a lot of ‘problems’ around it?
Shota: When we started ADAMS, we were already in the music industry together for three years. Individually we have been active much longer, maybe like ten years or so. We come from the visual kei scene, which includes heavy make up and ‘insane’ hairstyles like X JAPAN which everyone knows by now. We do like to see ourselves as visual kei, or at least as a new style within the visual kei scene. Two guys, with the concept of Adam and Adam. So many people were interested when we presented our concept, they accepted it rather than rejected it because it was new for them and they encouraged us too.

06. Returning back to the AVO J-Rock Festival. When I was waiting there, and even during the festival, I heard a lot of people say that they were going especially for you guys, as ADAMS. A lot of people seem to be struggling with their sexual orientation and see you as a band that is okay with gay or lesbian people. Is there anything you would like to say to people who are struggling with this?
Shota: Our opinion is that you don’t need to hide, you just need to follow your heart. We don’t care what a person’s orientation is, we see love as ‘one’. A love song is not from one boy to another or from girl to another or a girl to a boy or a boy to a girl. For us love is universal, no matter what your orientation is. Which is what we try to pass as a message through our songs. As artists we make music, everyone can listen to it. If someone doesn’t like our music because we see love this way, I don’t care. If people like it and feel better from our music, that’s just amazing!

07. You have been in the music industry for a lot of years now, which meant a lot of growth as a person. Is there anything you would like to say to your younger, teenager self, when you weren’t in a band yet?
Shota: You can find the way. Do your best!
Adam: You should start ADAMS, open your mind sooner!

08. And the very last question, what would you like to say to everyone reading this interview?
Shota: Thank you for reading of course! And we will continue to make a different kind of history, so please join us in our making of a more beautiful world.
Adam: Thank you for reading also! And please have faith in us, and continue to support our future.

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