A chat with: Marie & Takmi (from REMNANT) @ 330live

Before their show at 330live I spoke to Marie and Takmi (REMNANT) for an interview, in which we talk about what special meaning the name of their band has to them, their third member Rober__tj and members no longer present, and what their rituals are to prepare for a show.


01. It’s your first time in The Netherlands! Welcome! Could you please introduce yourselves to the readers?
Marie: I’m Marie.
Takmi: And I’m Takmi.

02. When you first heard you would come here to play a live, you probably had expectations of our country. Did they come true? Like, did you get to see enough windmills?
Marie: No, we didn’t get to see any sorry!

03. Now the more serious questions. According to the dictionary ‘remnant’ means ‘a part or quantity that is left after the greater part has been used, removed or destroyed’, but I’m sure it has a special meaning to you. Why did you choose this name for your band?
Marie: I like the way REMNANT is pronounced, but to us it means ‘the remains of a soul’, a ghost that remains in this world. When I sing, I translate the words of the ghosts into our music.

04. When forming a band, you need to have members. How did you meet? Did you knew each other already or did one of you start with a concept and the other joined later?
Marie: First it was Takmi and me, but later Rober__tj joined as a synthesizer. He is in New York right now. We also had two girls as members, but we grew apart and all went our separate ways.

05. Combining horror, melancholic and dark fantasy isn’t something someone does every day, how did you get the idea to combine this (and other influences)? Were you fans of the genres already and merely gave your own twist to them?
Marie: I’ve been to France about ten years ago. When I was there I was introduced to the French music and the movies there, and I combined everything I liked, including horror, into the band.

06. Of course you’ve used some music as a starting point, as inspiration. Are the artists you originally were inspired by still able to inspire you today, or did new ones appear?
Marie: The Cure.
Takmi: Bauhaus, Dance Society…
Marie: And a lot of other music.

07. Recording music in a studio is one thing, but you also perform them live. How do you prepare for a live? Do you have a special ‘ritual’ you do every time?
Takmi: The visual aspect of REMNANT is expressed through the tools we use, on stage you will see us with costumes and make-up, but we also use stage props. Changing into my costume and setting up the stage accordingly is sort of my ritual.
Marie: We make the tracks on the CD before we ever play them live. So the CD and live versions are always slightly different. We’ve used a PC before but we’ve stopped using one for many reasons. My ‘special ritual’ for a live however is to pray to my ancestors!

08. I’ve seen one of your performances where you did a collaboration with a dancer, adding an extra spooky element to it. How do you decide on a collaboration like this?
Marie: I met this dancer before, and I really liked her work. She looks so sexy when she dances! So I asked her if she wanted to join us for that performance.

09. And last but not least, do you have a message for everyone reading this interview?
Marie: I hope you will enjoy our music, our view of darkness and the messages through our performance!
Takmi: If you come to our show tonight, we really hope you will enjoy our performance!

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