the people who walk on the star lights by Galaxy7

I was asked by Bug Screaming, the label behind Galaxy7, to review this release. But normally this isn’t something I would pick up myself, so the review is going to be slightly awkward, sorry!

01. the people who walk on the star lights
02. the people who walk on the star lights remix by MaZDA

This release is unmistakably one that will make you feel good with an upbeat melody touching more genres than just ‘dance’, which it immediately makes you think about. The title track starts off with a quick rhythm, taking you into a different world right from the beginning. The title is appropriately chosen because the music really makes you think you’re traveling between the stars and other cosmic nebula with all kinds of colors flying by.

The second track is a remix of the title track, done by MaZDA, someone who I only know as a master dance track maker. This collaboration is an absolute success, as the remixed version compliments the original version very well with a lower tempo version of the song and more synth feel overall.

If you’re looking for a release to brighten up your day, or simply a good dance track, this release should certainly be on your list!

Final score: 65/100

Release information:
Release: the people who walk on the star lights (digital single)
Release date: April 15, 2015 (iTunes) /May 27, 2015 (Amazon)
CD number: N/A. (Digital download only.)

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