A chat with: 砂月-SATSUKI- @ OshareCon

Before his performance at OshareCon I sat down with 砂月-SATSUKI- for another interview. In this interview we talk about how he prepared for this three months away from home, what he thinks about OshareCon and Oshare as a style, and of course his new albums that were released today.


01. This tour is an incredibly long one, and far away from home too! Was there anything special you did to prepare yourself for such a long time from home and family?
砂月-SATSUKI-: COFFEE! But seriously, I brought coffee, candy and tea from Japan. All so I can survive three months outside of Japan.

02. During any tour you will visit many places. Are there any new places on this tour you’re looking forward to, or any ‘old’ places?
砂月-SATSUKI-: I’m looking forward to go to all places on the tour, but especially Ukraine. Because it’s more difficult to go to, and it’s a rare opportunity in my life so that’s why I’m looking forward to Ukraine the most.

03. Today you are one of the guests at OshareCon. What do you think of the Oshare movement as a whole? Do you like it, or any other fashion style in particular?
砂月-SATSUKI-: I’m happy because Oshare is Japanese, and many people know the meaning of it, even in this difficult world where so many people don’t know it, there still are many people that do. In Japan it’s a style that expresses happiness, and it makes me feel motivated and happy, so I think many, many people need oshare in their life!

04. Your new albums come out today as well, does it feel weird to be at a convention instead of a regular release party like they often do in Japan?
砂月-SATSUKI-: It’s not weird for me. I’m happy because I can reach more people than the ones that come to my show out of their own already. At a convention I can reach more people, and even though it’s more difficult than in Japan it’s also more interesting.

05. The cover art for these albums is as unique as it’s songs on it. Have you made this artwork yourself, or did someone make it for you with a special meaning?
砂月-SATSUKI-: I made it myself. Sometimes inspiration comes naturally. I don’t know why or when, but sometimes these emotions come naturally and I am able to translate them into something. In this case it was a painting, and while working on this we were also working on the cover art for the albums, and so it was decided to scan the painting and turn it into cover art. If you put both albums together, you will actually have the whole painting I’ve made.

06. Overall both albums show us a completely different side of you compared to your previous releases. What inspired you to go this route, as we can hear heavier songs and even dance-like songs on these releases?
砂月-SATSUKI-: I met an interesting sound producer, who lives in Belgium. I was very interested in their work and wanted to collaborate with them, which resulted in the APOCALYPSE album. I wanted to a different sound as a vocalist and touch more people with my music. This is a first for me, a new route, but I think it will work well. I’m happy with the way these releases turned out!

07. Do you have a favorite song from these albums? And if so, why?
砂月-SATSUKI-: From the ECLIPSE album it’s BERSERKER. For APOCALYPSE I can’t choose a song yet. I like them all at this point, but perhaps by the end of the tour I will be able to choose a favorite based on how much I enjoyed playing the song live.

08. The last time we saw you here in The Netherlands you were with Sana-sama. What inspired you to bring the musicians you have with you now?
砂月-SATSUKI-: I want to play with European musicians, but it is very difficult to bring support members for a three-months long tour. They all have daily jobs, so this tour is a solo tour. And other than that there still is the acceptance between members. Japanese and European musicians still have a lot of differences between them, and not everyone is open and accepting to putting make up on their face and playing all kinds of genres. You can’t expect a heavy metal musician to play dance music for example. I still want to work with European musicians, but I haven’t found anyone for this tour yet.

09. And finally… Do you have a special message for everyone reading this interview?
砂月-SATSUKI-: Right now I am touching a lot of arts… Music, painting and my clothing label. So please continue to enjoy my work!

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