A chat with: Versailles

Before the start of the European tour I spoke with Versailles about how they feel about returning to Europe once again, but which member is the one who would like to sell lingerie, and which one would definitely sell merchandise of his pet next to Versailles if he could? 


01. It has been an incredibly long time since we have last seen Versailles in Europe, which means you have memories from last time. Is there anything the fans can look forward to during your live shows on this tour?
KAMIJO: Not only to hear our new songs but I guess you can see members’ smiles and even some tears on their faces?
YUKI: New songs. And I’m looking forward to see you again.
HIZAKI: A place where you can enjoy freely. I want you to feel the miracle.

02. You’re visiting several countries this time. Is there any country you’re looking forward to the most, and why?
KAMIJO: Everywhere!
MASASHI: Everywhere, but I’m looking forward to discover Bochum because it’s my first time visiting.
YUKI: I love everywhere in Europe.
TERU: I’m looking forward to Finland because it’s been a while.
HIZAKI: I’m looking forward to see and feel ourselves at the final in Paris, to see how we will have changed after the tour.

03. If you look at all the songs Versailles has written and composed from the start until now, which song do you like to play most?
KAMIJO: The Love from a Dead Orchestra.
TERU: Aristocrat’s Symphony.
YUKI: Sympathia.
HIZAKI: Philia.

04. If I compare the Versailles before the hiatus to the Versailles now, I think that the member with the most noticeable change is Kamijo, especially in his vocal style.
What made you change your style, and did you get any response (from the fans) about it? Do you like your change or would you prefer to go back?
KAMIJO: It’s unfortunately not allowed me to talk about by Vampire rules.

05. For Versailles you’ve always worn very detailed renaissance style dresses. Can we expect the same style during this tour, or are you going for a more ‘global modern’ style this time? And which style do you prefer to wear the most yourself (assuming that there are no ‘image rules’)?
HIZAKI: This time too. If you want me to wear something different, why not the costume of Sailor Moon? *

06. In the past you’ve shown interest in filming and directing (like in “Onegai Kanatae Versailles”). If you would get an opportunity right now to film and/or direct your own material (of course assuming that you have time and materials to do this), what would you create and why?
TERU: I spend a lot of time to create art designs of our CDs. So, I care a lot about visual elements. I’m also interested in photos and images so I wish make a movie someday. A Vampire story with Versailles members.

07. During the last European tour you joined as a support member. Of course being a support member is very different than being an actual member, at least for the fans. How do you feel about returning to Europe now you’re a full member along with the rest of the band?
MASASHI: Last time I enjoyed as a support member but I always wished to be back as a full member, so I’m so happy. I will do my best.

08. In Japan you’ve had a lot of extravagant styles for your drum equipment during lives. When you are here in Europe you are limited in what you can take to create your stage appearance with your equipment. Do you feel like you’re missing something (like your roses) during this tour, and if it were a world without any rules or limitations, what would you like your stage equipment to look like design wise?
YUKI: I usually do my best performance with what I have. But actually, I’d like to use an acrylic drum set.

09. If you were given the means to release whatever you wanted right now, what would you release? Would it be an album, a clothing item, a piece of jewelry, or something completely different?
MASASHI: Of course, I wanna sell a Versailles album but I would be so glad if I can release my lovely cat’s goods. Lol. ***
YUKI: Drum Sticks.
TERU: Sculpture.
HIZAKI: Lingerie. ****
* I double dare him to actually do this…
** This might actually be illegal to release, but I did call this upon myself I guess.
*** New mascot idea: MASASHI’s cat? Yes, he actually answered with the ‘lol’ at the end!
**** He should wear his own lingerie to promote it with that Sailor Moon outfit…

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