I’m not quite sure how to introduce you to this review. I was asked to review it because of their live performance in Amstelveen, but normally this album isn’t something I would pick out myself. So it is surely going to be an unique review this time!

01. Frontal Attack
02. The Future
03. Quite Cleary
04. Minds
05. Highway
06. U12
07. Night & Hurt
08. Smoke Motion
09. Veiled Eyes
10. Breitenbach

Frontal Attack:
The song starts off with a fantasy or even space-like vibe before the guitars join in and immediately change the style of the music to a more rock/techno type of mix. When the vocals eventually join in it’s yet again a shift in style, with three styles playing at the same time, but at the same time it doesn’t sound odd. By the time the song ends you’ve completely forgotten that you were on earth, and are now in the time space that is best identified as PLASTICZOOMS.

The Future:
Starts off as a very slow, but powerful buildup to a rhythmic vocal that actually makes for a surprisingly nice song to dance to. For a slower type of song with various changes to a slightly faster pace, this song almost makes you want to bang your head on the rhythm of the drums before it almost scares you with a faster paced final verse with near scream-like vocals.

Quite Cleary:
Upbeat from start to finish, “Quite Cleary” proves -ironically- quite clearly that it is a song that should be played on European radio stations with the same frequency as the American pop songs that are played normally. It’s a song that attracts fans of many genres like pop, soft rock, electro, techno and even dance.

Slowing down the pace of the album, “Minds” is a song that might just be the audible translation of the rhythm of someone’s thoughts. The song itself doesn’t classify as a ballad type of speed to me, but more to a very steady rhythmic pop-song to me, and it’s the type of song that you would play in your car while driving over a road with a view of the beach outside, or when you’d like to unwind after a busy day with a warm drink in your hands. By the time the song reaches it’s final verses the rhythm has sped up a bit, but without taking that relaxed feeling away from you.

Another song that translates something ordinary that you wouldn’t expect in music into a song. “Highway” makes you feel like you’re cruising on the highway at night without a care in the world, going by other traffic here and there (at least according to the rhythm). Just make sure you don’t miss your exit if you do decide to play this in your car while driving on the highway.

Pushing up the speed of the rhythm from the very start, “U12” is an upbeat and cheerful song that once again changes the feel of the album and shows the diversity of PLASTICZOOMS as artists. The mellow vocals over the simple rhythm of the instrumentals almost give the song a classic feel to the songs of the 1960’s, but yet maintains it’s modern vibe with it’s synthesizer sounds.

Night & Hurt:
Might just be the opposite of the previous song “U12“, as it sets the tone for a much darker stage which changes the tone of the album yet again, at least at the start. By the time the song comes to an end the tones are upbeat and almost has a friendly techno gothic feel to it.

Smoke Motion:
Starting out like a real techno song the deep vocals are actually quite surprising, but with the words telling a story of something that seems similar to a night club in full motion, it almost feels as if you’re there witnessing it through the singer’s eyes yourself.

Veiled Eyes:
Veiled Eyes” almost feels like you’re riding an air stream in the sunset at full speed and under the influence of the rest of the elements. The words almost seem like they try to tell you to always look forward while changing between the sun, eclipse and a blackout.

The last song on the album pulls the speed down again to end on a soft note, sketching the idea of looking back over a city after the sun has set with melodic tunes and lyrics telling a story about missing a loved one mix perfectly together to end the album on a soft note.


For me personally the songs flew by, and I didn’t even notice it restarted until it got to the second song for the second time. It’s a really nice CD to relax with after a long day at work, or when you just don’t want to be on planet earth for an hour or so.

Final score: 70/100

Release information:
Release date: February 8, 2017
CD number: VJR-3201

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