After their debut in the summer of 2013 with the single “Blessing of the Future” Jupiter has existed out of ZIN on vocals, HIZAKI and TERU on guitars, MASASHI on bass and YUKI on drums. In 2015 MASAHI and YUKI announced their departure from Jupiter and were replaced by RUCY (ex-KILLANETH) and Daisuke (ex-ROACH) just before the release of this mini-album, which meant they immediately could stick their heads together in the creation phase of this release.

03. The Crucifixion
04. Guilty as Sin
05. TOPAZ -symphonic ver.-


(Composed by HIZAKI, lyrics by HIZAKI.)
The album opens like you would expect from Jupiter: a symphonic female vocal intro before the guitars join and ZIN finishes the intro with cheerful vocals following the rhythm of the guitars very closely. The opening song of the album sets the tone immediately with a fast rhythm and melodic yet cheerful vocals that don’t leave long pauses between sentences up until the bridge, where the stage is clearly set for HIZAKI and TERU to show off their guitar skills without overpowering the drums and bass, and picking up as strongly as before directly after only to end rather melodic in the end to slow down the tempo for the next song.

(Composed by HIZAKI, lyrics by ZIN.)
WE AGAINST immediately has a heavier and slower rhythm than the previous song, but when ZIN’s vocals start it sounds more like a riot anthem with a slower pace than you’d expect. It’s definitely a song that motivates you to do whatever you want to do and not give up, something that is amplified by the background vocals in various parts of the song. Again, during the bridge of the song the guitars have their moment, but don’t overpower the bass or drums completely, forming a unison without ZIN’s vocals roaring over them. It’s quite literally as the lyrics say: “it’s we against the world”, a message that comes from the melody already, but is enforced by these words.

The Crucifixion
(Composed by HIZAKI, lyrics by HIZAKI.)
Something that you’ll notice immediately is that the vocal style of this song is completely different than all the other songs on this album. The tempo is also higher and closer to “TEARS OF THE SUN”, while the vocals are a lot more aggressive than the previously mentioned. It sounds like ZIN is making use of his lower and upper range in this song, creating something that almost looks like a conversation with himself in two different voices. While the drums are a lot more audible in this song it’s not bothersome in any way, as the different styles used for this song mix very well. Of course there is some room for the guitars to take the center stage, building up the tension the song has already created even more before coming to an instrumental end that is worthy of a horror or thriller movie.

Guilty as Sin
(Composed by HIZAKI, lyrics by ZIN & HIZAKI.)
“Guilty as Sin” was previous revealed on “The spirit within me” single and doesn’t sound as part of the album for that reason, considering it very much continues the vibe of the previous title song on that single. It has a different tempo and vibe than the rest of the album, yet still fits in pretty well as a bonus song. While the lyrics very much show despair, the song itself gives the impression from the very start already that you have to get up and do something rather than feeling sorry for yourself.

TOPAZ -symphonic ver.-
(Composed by HIZAKI, lyrics by HIZAKI.)
“TOPAZ” is in every essence a love song, shedding tears of sadness for a lost lover, located far away. As one would expect, it immediately pulls down all the speed and chaos from the mini-album and puts you with both feet on the ground. The added piano and symphonic elements do put extra power to the words, turning it into a ballad with various vocal speeds to take you on an emotional journey from beginning to end.


While this album brings three new songs, there are also two songs known from previous releases (“Guilty as Sin” was released in January of this year on “The spirit within me” single and the original version of “TOPAZ” was released in 2015) who fit the rest of the mini-album very well in their own way. “Guilty as Sin” continues on the same note as the rest of the album while “TOPAZ” ensures a very calm ending with it’s melodic vocals which we don’t get to hear very often from ZIN in this style.
Ever since the beginning Jupiter has struggled with the term “Versailles without KAMIJO”, but with this single they clearly try to break away from that statement and create their own signature sound. The ugly duckling is without a doubt “The Crucifixion”, in which ZIN shows an entirely different style of vocals like only heard in live versions of “ARCADIA”, but this easily brought the song to the top of the list for me personally.

Final score:

Release information:
TEARS OF THE SUN (mini-album)
Release date: May 10, 2017
CD number: POCS-1584

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