It (lipper version) by vistlip

Normally I would tell you something about each song individually, but today I’m going to combine the two by just telling you something about the single as a whole rather than splitting it up into two songs.

01. It
02. Persona

I had seen the preview for the music video for the title song “It” earlier already, yet when I listened to the single as a whole I was quite surprised by how misleading the preview could actually be. “It” is a very friendly single which fits the theme of the 10 years anniversary celebration is a part of. Every instrument is in harmony with the ones played by the other members, and vocalist Tomo demonstrates that he definitely is more than a “pretty face”. His voice switches effortlessly between higher and lower notes, bordering on genres and connecting pop and rock with electronic without one overruling the other.
If you’re a fan of pop music or softer rock music then I’d definitely recommend checking out this single.

Did you know that during their 10 years as a band, vistlip has never lost or replaced a member in their lineup? If that doesn’t say anything about the friendship of these guys I don’t know what does. It seems like they have translated that friendship into this single, so if you’re curious to what that sounds like, give “It” a listen.


Final score: 75/100


Release information:
Release: It (lipper version) (single)
Release date: 8 november 2017
CD number: MJSS-9202 (lipper version) / MJSS-9207 (vister version) / MJSS-9200 (w/ DVD)

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