After KILLANETH disbanding in late 2016 vocalist 丐 (Kai) and drummer 39 were fairly quick with starting up a new project under the name TRNTY D:CODE, which debuted in April of 2017. For everyone outside of Japan there was a lot of mystery surrounding this project because of the live performances which had no coverage for foreign fans. The same goes for me. I don’t live in Japan and am not able to go to Japan just like that, so the first official sign of life I heard from TRNTY D:CODE was the announcement of the reboot and first single GRAVITY, to be released on January 31, 2018.
Along with this announcement was the information of two new members: SHiO (ex-LOVE LOCK as KAI) on guitar and MST (ex-THE DC as miki) on bass, as well as 39 changing his name to saku, and his position from drummer to manipulator.
The band is signed to KEIOS ENTERTAINMENT (which is the label started by the Swedish musician YOHIO, mostly known for his work with Seremedy and DISREIGN).

Tracklist (CD):
03. 喰row (regular edition only)

Tracklist (DVD):
01. GRAVITY (MV) (limited edition only)

(Composed by SHiO, lyrics by 丐 (Kai).)
As soon as the song starts you know you’re not going to get anything you might expect from the member’s previous acts. While there are familiar aspects in the song like for instance 丐’s vocal style, there definitely is a lot of new sounds from the manipulating/programming side of the song. It highlights 丐’s singing voice, but also his grunting/growling voice, and even finds some room to play with an autotune to give him a third vocal sound. There are elements of rock, metal, hiphop and programming, all coming together in one fast-paced song which serves as a melodic, powerful opener to this single.

(Composed by SHiO, lyrics by 丐 (Kai).)
The programming theme is happily continued into the second song, which is a heavier vocal style due to 丐’s screams and grunts until it reaches a more melodic segment around the 1 minute mark. It quickly returns to the previously set style, but the melodic part returns around 2:20, where it stretches to just under 3 minutes with English lyrics. “No PAIN No GAIN” ends rather abruptly, with the song’s title as the very last words.

(Composed by SHiO, lyrics by 丐 (Kai).)
The least programming-influenced song on the single. “喰row” is a real rock-ballad song with a higher tempo but a calmer vocal presence. You’ll find a more scream-like part here and there, as well as some more fun with the autotune. It almost reminds me of a K-Pop song in that part of the song, ha. But before you think that this is the song to skip, there is also a heavier rock part embedded once you’ve had about three-quarters of the song.
Overall it’s the most cheerful song, easily!


GRAVITY is both familiar territory as well as new territory for fans familiar with the previous acts of the members. It’s a fast-paced single which highlights different styles and tries to combine them in a way to create a unique sound under the name TRNTY D:CODE.
Though if you are not a fan of the programming genre or a strong influence of it then this isn’t the single for you. The music video for GRAVITY is a decent preview of what the rest of the single sounds like as a base-sound, and due to the heavy programming influence not being that common in the visual kei and jrock scenes just yet it might take some getting used to at first. Give it a listen, perhaps it’s the single you’ve always dreamed of!
As a fun little trivia: the members aren’t a fan of the visual kei music industry, but they do like the fashion. Perhaps this is the reason for trying to create something entirely unique?

Final score: 70/100

Release information:
Release: GRAVITY (single)
Release date: January 31, 2018
CD number: KEJCDS-1 (limited edition) / KEJCDS-2 (regular edition)

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