AVO J-Music Festival

AVO Magazine (formally known as AVO Blog) and AVO Events & Promotion have pretty much been the leader in promotion and information of Japanese music and artists from Japan in The Netherlands. Starting 15 years ago as a forum, AVO has extended it’s reach tremendously and have reached many milestones throughout those years. Time for a celebration, don’t you think?

Five years ago AVO celebrated it’s 10th anniversary with AVO J-Rock Festival in Tivoli de Helling in Utrecht, together with Gothika, ADAMS and VANIRU.

This year AVO celebrates it’s 15th anniversary through AVO J-Music Festival in the Zuiderparktheater in Den Haag. Aside from two amazing artists -REMNANT and Esprit D’Air- there will be a real festival feel in the open air of the Zuiderpark theater. Including Japanese food, Japanese drinks and possibly more!
The festival will take place on Saturday, September 15. Tickets are now available through the website of the Zuiderparktheater for only €10,-.
Don’t miss this unique opportunity to enjoy a little bit of Japan in the open air of Den Haag!


REMNANT have formed in June of 2009 with Marie on vocals, Takmi on guitar and programming, and Rober as noise and synth, developing a strange view of the world lined by the keywords “horror”, “melancholic” and “dark fantasy”, according to their own words. Their music is mostly categorized in the darkwave/gothic genre.
During their European tour the show at the Zuiderparktheater is a part of, REMNANT will also celebrate the band’s 10th birthday.

Ever since their start they have released a whole lot of music which is mostly influence by horror, but you’ll also hear a lot of love influences in their music. Their first full album MisanthroPia was released in December of 2013, combining French-inspired romance with horror into a completely unique album.
In April of 2017 they released their second full album Ewigkeit, which is a great continuation of their previous album. Marie’s unique style of vocals mixed with the instrumentals of Takmi and Rober are sure to create a soundtrack worthy of any horror production.

REMNANT have performed in The Netherlands already, in April of 2015 thanks to AVO Events & Promotion who managed to get the 330live venue in The Hague transformed into a haunted stage for one night, supported by DJ Nachtraaf. Back then it was only Marie and Takmi, since Rober was unable to attend due to a business trip.

Before their show I managed to sit down with Marie and Takmi for an interview, which you can read here.
The photo album for this show is located here.

REMNANT will also release a split CD, titled ISM, with the industrial band 2Bullet. More information about the release will be announced soon, but it’s already revealed that the release will be available for purchase at AVO J-Music Festival!

Esprit D’Air
Esprit D’Air is a Japanese electrorock and metal band based in London (UK). Forming a band in 2010 with five members – Yosh (lead vocals), Kai (lead guitar and backing vocals), Ellis (bass), Yuki (rhythm guitar) and Daishi (drums) – they released their first EP in October of that same year, titled “Deai”. The name loosely translates to “encounter”, and guitarist Kai has described the release’s name as “sort of the first hello from the band”.
Since their formation they have played numerous shows in the UK and Spain and had an interview with Japanese music sharing website Nico Nico Douga.

In early 2011 guitarist Yuki left the band due to personal reasons, and Yosh organized and performed at charity events in aid for the earthquake and tsunami victims.
Various releases and achievements later, the band announced an indefinite hiatus due to personal reasons in 2013. Six months later Yosh returned to Tokyo and left the band. He was replaced by Coma and Yuki was replaced by Hakuren, but when Coma flew back to Tokyo without a definite plan to return the band decided they could not see a future together and disbanded entirely, despite their record label JPU Records having interest for their upcoming album.

In 2016 the band reunited for a one-off show with Kai on vocals, Ellis on bass and Daishi on drums for a charity event in London, in favor of an orphanage in Fukushima. Through ticket sales, merchandise, food sales and donations the event raised £1,100 for the orphanage. It still wasn’t sure if the band would reform or not, but thanks to interest and demand by fans they returned in June of 2016 as a 3-member band, along with the announcement of a main stage performance at the Hyper Japan Festival.
They released their single Rebirth in December of that same year, and the launch of the release was celebrated in both London and Paris.

In 2017 they first released their second comeback single Guiding Light, and later their album Constellations (first digitally in June and then physically in July) through Starstorm Records.

After a headlining show in the O2 Academy2 Islington, the band will now perform at AVO J-Music Fesitval together with REMNANT.
While Kai and Ellis are still on great terms with Daishi, the drummer’s life has been very busy lately and he is currently on an indefinite break from the band while they carry on producing music and touring. Instead Jan-Vincent Velazco from Pendragon has covered the drums when Daishi couldn’t, and it became a permanent fixture since.
You’ll also see another guitarist instead of just Kai as a vocalist/guitarist. Just like Jan-Vincent, Ryo is a touring member for the band as well.

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