LILITH by breakin’ holiday

breakin’ holiday exists of Juri (vocals, ex-DELUHI), Hiroaki Sakai (酒井洋明, guitar, ex-12012), Aggy (bass, ex-DELUHI) and KAJI (drums, ex-AND). The guys have previously tried to make a name for themselves under the name of ZERO MIND INFINITY with another guitarist named John, but they never got much further than a few songs and live shows. Now the guys are back under the name breakin’ holiday, and they have decided to make their previously live-limited single (available since March 18th) LILITH available for everyone as from May 23rd, 2018.
What can you expect from the single? Well, you can expect two songs that are certainly not from the pop genre…



(Composed by KAJI, lyrics by Aggy.)
A lyric video was released to the official YouTube channel of the band on January 17 of this year already, to give a sneak preview of what was to come. Fans of DELUHI will certainly be pleasantly surprised, given that primarily thanks to Juri’s signature vocal style there is a lot of things incommon with one of the previous projects. LILITH is a powerful song which combines melodic vocals with more scream-like vocals with powerful guitar riffs and quick drums, easily turning it into a hard rock or even metal song speaking of creation and life. But apparently they do hate love songs, as they gladly point it out in the lyrics several times…


(Composed by Juri, lyrics by Aggy.)
YUMMY is definitely a title I didn’t expect with this song, but that’s not where my surprise ended. The song has an entirely different pace and style than the title song before it, and Juri displays a vocal style I had not heard from him (if anything, it reminded me of some of THE GALLO’s works). The tempo is slowed down and the vocals are lower and heavier while the guitar slows down as well with a repeating rhythm. The entire song sounds mostly like a powerful monologue comparable to several Western hard rock musicians, but it still manages to remain familiar due to Juri’s voice.


I was very pleasantly surprised by this single, and I would recommend this in particular for fans of DELUHI’s work because it really sounds like a more polished version of what was familiar for so long. Juri is an amazing vocalist for the hard rock/metal genres while providing clean vocals next to his screams, keeping things fresh and original to listen to without changing his old ways too drastically. What surprised me most was who the author of the lyrics turned out to be, but I really think that compared to the previous project ZERO MIND INFINITY these four guys have found common ground to work on, and I expect more great works like this one to come from them in the future as they combine their different influences and different musical backgrounds into a hard rock act worthy of it’s name.

Final score: 80/100

Release information:
breakin’ holiday
LILITH (single)
Release date: May 5, 2018 (stores) / March 18, 2018 (live shows)
CD number: DAKBHCDO-1

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