A chat with: SUI (from David / CULA)

SUI: “There was a certain style of beauty that I wanted. There was something that I felt when I started to touch on the history and the materials, but what I see and when I visit again it gives me something different.”

I’ve recently spoken about David’s crowdfunding campaign on Muevo already, but that entire crowdfunding gave me more than enough reason to ask SUI for an interview as well. Mainly to give him the opportunity to introduce himself as the solo vocalist behind David, but also to talk a bit about his passion for music, why he aims his activities on foreign fans so much and the project that’s around the corner with it’s official debut on September 30th of this year: CULA.


01. Of course I can introduce you and your project David to the readers, but that would be a rather standard introduction. How would you, as the artist, introduce yourself and David to everyone?
SUI: I worked as a vocalist for several bands for 10 years, up until the beginning of 2016. But in order to pursue the potential as a vocalist and the embodiment of the ideals I have as a person I decided that would be done best as a solo project under the name David.

02. Since your start in January of 2017 you’ve made various releases and done quite some live performances, of which the first one was in France and a complete surprise for your audience. What made you choose to reveal your project in France specifically?
SUI: I wanted to develop with an overseas perspective. When I was in France while on tour with another band I felt like I wanted to come again as a solo artist.
Five years later I was the secret opening act of a great senior in Paris, it was the best.

03. You have said that the origin of David lies in France, but what exactly inspired you to go with this French/Victorian theme? Was it something you saw during your European tour with Megaromania in 2012, or was the history of French a bigger inspiration for you?
SUI: There was a certain style of beauty that I wanted. There was something that I felt when I started to touch on the history and the materials, but what I see and when I visit again it gives me something different. Up until now it has been actively incorporated as artwork.

04. Before David you were mostly known as the singer of Megaromania here in Europe. When Megaromania disbanded you also joined 凛 -the end of corruption world- as a replacement for the original singer Riku, who was leaving the project to focus on his solo project chariots at that time. A year after that you revealed David. Were you already busy creating an image and concept for David while you were still in 凛, or did you only start this process after 凛 disbanded as well?
SUI: When I was in the bands Megaromania and 凛 I of course only thought about those, but during the year I wasn’t involved in any project I had the time to confront myself and rethink about what I wanted to do. In this year I created the foundation as a solo artist.

05. In January of 2020 you will reach a new milestone: the 3rd anniversary of David. And you’ve had one dream you’ve wanted to fullfil for that milestone: another live performance in France and hopefully the ability to add more dates and turn it into a tour. What made you choose to pursue this wish instead of only holding a big live in Japan for your anniversary?
SUI: As I have mentioned earlier in this interview already, I was thinking about the global perspective with David. It was however very difficult to go abroad because I was at the limit of my capacity with simply being active in Japan.
When we started thinking about how we would celebrate the 3rd anniversary we came up with an overseas project that uses crowdfunding to help us achieve what we couldn’t do before financially.

06. For your dream of playing a show in France you’ve started a crowdfunding campaign with a lot of returns for the people who’ve donated to your cause. Like special merchandise and video updates and messages. How has the response been so far according to you?
SUI: Not long after the campaign went live we already had a great response to it. Of course we’re doing it with the intention to succeed, but the important thing is to be aware of your own feelings and the feelings of the fans in Japan and abroad. I think there is a big difference between keeping it a secret and putting it out there in the world.

07. You’ve also released quite some releases recently. A single (of which the title song is also on the album), an album and a DVD of your show on January 27th this year. But let’s focus on the album for a moment. The album is a “part II” of your previous album last year. When you released 創生録 I ~Birth and Confession~, did you already know what you wanted 創生録Ⅱ~Fearless Scenario~ to sound like, or did you only start working on it after working on part I was finished?
SUI: When I finished the production of 創生録 I ~Birth and Confession~ I could see the possibility for more. Based on the theme of Fearless Scenario I wrote more and more songs.

08. The single “Stigmata” was released about two months prior to 創生録Ⅱ~Fearless Scenario~, and fits in really well with the rest of the album. What made you decide to release this single in between these two albums? Was Stigmata intended to prepare the listener for what was to come with part II of 創生録?
SUI: That’s right, it was. I wanted to listen to this song with a story and a message but it’s also thrilling as a lead tune. I was actually at a complete loss which song would take the place that “Apolutrosis” has now.

09. How does the future of David look to you? I know you said that after your anniversary live in Japan you’ll reveal more about the future of David, but is there anything you can share at this point already? Like, is there a new release in the works already for example?
SUI: Even though David is currently inactive, the 3rd anniversary will be held at Takadanobaba AREA in Tokyo on January 24 next year. With this oneman live David will be resuming activities, meaning David will revive with a new concept on this day.
There will also be new singles which you can only get at the oneman live. It will be a little difficult for overseas fans to attend, but please keep an eye on the news!

10. For the live shows of David you use support musicians to back you up. Of which one, 美沙麗, is no stranger to us because we’ve also seen his work in Metis Gretel and Megaromania, and he also joined you in 凛. So it’s no surprise we see him support you in David either. But what about the other members? How did you round them up to support you? Were they recommended to you, or did you scout them out yourself?
SUI: David’s songs are the most difficult songs in my career. So I wanted to have members who are reliable in terms of performance and technology. However, the most important part is to be able to synchronize our thoughts together so the support musician has the same vision as I do. In short, David’s support members are very passionate and amazing people.

11. You’ve obviously been singing for a really, really long time already. In many different projects which have had different styles. You’re clearly doing something you absolutely love and are very passionate about, but where did this passion come from? What made you decide that you wanted to be a vocalist? What made you start singing?
SUI: I simply liked the visual scene, because of the untouchable and sublime world that is reflected in an unreal reality very beautifully. I eventually came to singing because I liked to spell words.

12. As a follow-up to the previous question, there are so many different genres out there, also in Japan. And yet you’ve continuously chosen the visual kei genre for both your vocals and your visual image. Could you ever imagine yourself in a different genre that doesn’t focus on the visual appearance of the members as much as the visual kei genre typically does?
SUI: For SUI as a vocalist that’s not possible. Visual things are also essential. I think the corners have been cut a lot, but the underlying ideas will not change.

13. Next to David you’re about to embark on another musical journey with members we know from Fixer under the name CULA. What made you decide to join CULA next to David? Do you feel like joining a project with a completely different concept than your solo project will renew your creative vision? Because doing the same style over and over can’t be good for your creative process.
SUI: Yes. Because CULA was born in David, I was able to meet members with a clear vision and saw new possibilities.
From now on, no matter what development you will see, SUI is David and David is SUI, so I think we will work in parallel.

14. What exactly are you able to tell me about CULA already (since I know the official debut isn’t until September 30th)? What can fans expect from this “joined forces” project between David and members of Fixer? Are there any releases planned, or are you going to focus on live shows first?
SUI: We haven’t announced any prominent releases at this time, but I think we will take action at our own pace in the future. There are projects for the other members too, and I will work hard on everything too so that each of us can do as much as possible.

15. And finally, is there anything you would like to share with the readers of this interview?
SUI: To everyone who is cheering from a far away place: I would be happy if I could connect all of these tricks and make them big. Please do not stop cheering, because your voices have been heard and your support has been received.
I will go see you!

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