[News] ソメイヨシノ (Somei Yoshino) added as special guest in The Hague

AVO Magazine recently announced a show with ZEROSHIKI and DEFINE ME in the Musicon venue in The Hague already (I’m just really late with sharing this news), but today there was a small edit to the lineup. Next to the Japanese alternative rock band ZEROSHIKI and the Czech rock band DEFINE ME another Japanese artist joined the event as a special guest: ソメイヨシノ (Somei Yoshino).

The show will take place on Monday, October 7 at the Musicon in The Hague.
Tickets will costs €7,50 and will only be available at the door of the venue. There will not be a pre-sale. The first performance of the night will start at 20:00 (8 PM).
Keep yourself up to date and set yourself on “interested” or “going” through the Facebook event, too!

ソメイヨシノ (Somei Yoshino)
For the ones who aren’t familiar with this project yet… It’s the new solo project of RYU, the ex-singer of the visual kei band OROCHI. After 15 years of activity RYU decided it was better to “restart” his love for music under a new name at the end of January 2019. (Mostly because he had so many songs as OROCHI already it was very hard for new (support) members to get into the project, according to his own words.)
Earlier this year RYU’s new project performed at a convention in Laos, and a new music video was released too, titled 祇園-GION-. This single later got a physical release at Comiket.

AVO Magazine
AVO Magazine, more commonly known as AVO and as AVO Events, has organized several concerts and festivals over the last 7 years, although most of those were collaborations with other tour organizations. The concerts of ZEROSHIKI, DEFINE ME and SOMEI YOSHINO will be first show carring the “AVO Magazine presents” label, something that AVO plans to use more often from now on.
Additionally, the next day, on October 8th, ZEROSHIKI and DEFINE ME will also perform at the Rocking Bull venue in Antwerp (Belgium). This performance will also be organized by AVO Magazine, and you can follow the Facebook event here.

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