During the last weekend of October Special Edition and the Songbirds 078 Festival collaborated to provide another stage for the German visual kei-inspired band VII ARC. Because of the time of the year the band decided to show up in Halloween costumes, which was a nice addition to their regular performance. 

These photos have yet again been taken with the new Canon EOS 200D camera, which I am still testing out and getting used to (because who would have thought that all the settings have been FLIPPED opposed to the Sony A37 I used before?), so I’m not 100% satisfied, but hopefully practice will make everything improve. 

Also, this time it was me who was allowed to make the group photo with the audience after the show had finished. Which was something I have been dreaming of doing for a really long time, so thank you Kay, Bena, Fu, Grazel and Z’ev for giving me this opportunity! 
And an extra thank you for Z’ev, for willing to pose for the final photo of the set, behind his drums! 


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