A chat with: Mikaru (from G.L.A.M.S)

At the moment of writing the new album from G.L.A.M.S, “TWILIGHT AFTER THE RAIN”, isn’t officially out yet, but before the release I did manage to ask Mikaru a total of five questions about the new album. Please keep in mind that these questions have been asked completely blind, there was nothing to go by when I had to come up with these, unlike today where there are two music videos available on YouTube. Which is why both the questions and answers have turned out slightly vague overall.

01. The themes you’ve chosen for these songs are really heavy this time around! What made you choose to combine these themes together into one album?

Mikaru: First, I compose the music. Then I write the lyrics. I always create songs in that order. When the music is completed for one song, it’s story appeared. It’s an inevitable coincidence, you know?

02. When you were making these songs, did you already know that you would combine them together on TWILIGHT AFTER THE RAIN?
Mikaru: Yes, I actually knew this before. As with all our other albums, we really try to make sure that the songs on them are not too similar to each other.

03. You’ve said all songs have a different world and different characters, but none of those characters are you. What inspired each character? A book, a story, a movie, or even real life?
Mikaru: I think of the stories in my songs like a movie. In fact, I write the lyrics as if I am making a movie.

04. Which song on this album is your personal favorite, if any? And if you have a favorite, why? Because of the theme or maybe the character featured?
Mikaru: I can’t pick a favorite, but the easiest song to make this time around was “Sailing Away”. This one isn’t anything like a movie, but instead draws the image of an anime, like “One Piece”. The anime “One Piece” came to mind when I heard the guitar intro for this song.

05. And the final question, why did you choose to use this photo as the album cover? Does it have any connection with the themes or stories of the songs on the album?
Mikaru: Picking this picture actually had no connections to any of the songs. Photography is just one of my works. The important thing is balance, and this photo is very satisfying. And one more aspect came into play here: the expression of G.L.A.M.S as a rock band!

In the meantime I have heard the actual release and have written a review about it, which you can read here. Doing an interview blind is incredibly hard, so in my opinion these questions do not do this release any justice. TWILIGHT AFTER THE RAIN is an album you absolutely have to experience for yourself, and if you ask me, Mikaru can always consider a career as a screenwriter for a movie if he ever gets sick of being a vocalist…

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