G.L.A.M.S @ Special Edition

Originally the show planned for The Netherlands was scheduled to take place in the Popcentrale, but due to government measures relating to the COVID-19 virus the venue was forced to cancel the show the day prior. Unfortunately this wasn’t the only cancellation G.L.A.M.S was forced to work with during this tour. The band was supposed to have their tour final during Made In Asia, a large festival held in Brussels (Belgium), but this was also canceled due to the Corona virus.

While having to deal with two cancellations in a row, the show for The Netherlands ended up being moved to a rather familiar location: Special Edition.
Special Edition is an anime and Japan-themed shop located in Dordrecht, and last year the shop created it’s own small stage in the space behind the actual store. A stage that has had a few performances already: GOOD THRU DATE and Mikaru during his solo run in Europe in 2019, for example.

The stage and new location might be a lot smaller than the expected Popcentrale, and for this reason G.L.A.M.S adjusted their show to an acoustic performance instead, supported by the German visual kei-inspired band VII ARC. (Who by the way absolutely hate playing acoustic performances, something I can’t blame them for given their usual sound and style.)
Both bands played a very intimate show that was more of a living room performance than anything else, even while the turnout was higher than everyone dared to hope for. The room behind the shop was almost packed with visitors who came to enjoy the music rather than moping around at home. The acoustic performance was clearly new for the guys, but they were sure to entertain none the less, with songs from their new album as well as older ones to mix it up. The audience was clapping and singing along to most of the familiar songs, so all in all it was a very successful performance. A different tour final than everyone had expected, but none the less just as successful!

A new performance to replace the cancelled Made In Asia dates was also scheduled for March 14th in Brussels, but due to government measures in Belgium this show ended up being cancelled after all. To make up for this the band did a livestream where fans could ask questions and they’d talk about the tour instead.

A very, very special thanks goes out to not only the guys from G.L.A.M.S and VII ARC, but also to Special Edition for hosting the event, and especially to Uknight’s Kimberly and Antoine. Who have worked with everything in their power to make this tour possible. Not just for driving everywhere, but especially for being on top of every problem and working with everything in their power to find solutions for the problems they all faced.
Even though everything was against them they have shown that they are a very versatile duo and it takes more than a virus to get them out of commission!

01. In Endless Rainfall
02. Tokyo Ginza Blues
03. Under The Moon
04. Man In Underworld
05. Another Lonely Day
06. Our Freak Show
07. Try To Live
08. The Light of My Life

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