VII ARC @ Special Edition

Just like G.L.A.M.S, VII ARC was scheduled to support the band at the Popcentrale, but due to the COVID-19 virus in Europe the show was canceled by the venue. Luckily a solution was found in the form of Special Edition. An anime and Japan-themed shop located in Dordrecht. Last year the shop managed to create a small stage behind their shop where they’ve had several Japanese-themed artists already. Like for example GOOD THRU DATE and Mikaru during his solo run through Europe in 2019.

Fun fact: VII ARC actually hate doing acoustic performances, and given their signature sound and style I can’t blame them for feeling that way. Regardless, they created a special setlist just for this performance. Aside from their own songs they threw in something fun in the form of covers.

A special mention in this setlist is the cover of Rammstein’s song “Ohne dich”. While Kay usually sings his lyrics in English, it’s in no way strange to hear him sing in his native language. Not just because probably everyone these days is familiar with the original song, but it doesn’t sound strange at all for the band to suddenly sound more German than ever.
Aside from the Rammstein cover the band finished off their set with an Evanescence cover of “My Immortal”, which obviously is an English cover, but it sounded just as fitting as the previous cover, and on top of that it allowed guitarist Bena to use something different than a guitar as well. Something that really spiced up the final song!

Obviously, since they were working with a small stage and an acoustic set, there was no full on drum set but an adjusted one. Something that really added to the living room performance vibe that had already filled the room. Even though the guys finished off with “congratulations, you are now the survivors of a VII ARC acoustic set”, it really wasn’t any form of punishment to see the otherwise loud band in such an intimate setting.
(That being said, I do prefer the regular setting myself, but that is not criticism in any way!)

01. Love it or Leave it
02. Kurage
03. Ohne dich (Rammstein cover)
04. Thanatophobia
05. Digimon Opening German
06. Chasin Dreams
07. My Immortal (Evanescence cover)

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