A chat with: Rumbless.

For this month’s interview I spoke with the guys of Rumbless., Roku, Takaki, Sin and Tva. Rumbless. is still a relatively “young” band, but they do have a very good idea of what they want in life. Even during a difficult time like right now with the Corona virus still keeping the world at home as much as possible. More than enough reason to ask the guys about their band, don’t you think? 

01. Assuming most readers have not heard about your band yet, can you please introduce yourselves and tell me something about the concept behind Rumbless.?

Roku: I’m the vocalist, Roku. As a band we are active with the keywords of decadence and lyricity. In terms of music we use metal as our core sound, but we combine it with elements from visual kei and jpop for a wide range of approaches.
Sin: I’m the bassist, Sin. It’s nice to meet you.
Takaki: I’m Takaki, the guitarist. Thank you for reading this article. Please stay with us for a while.
Tva: This is Tva on drums! I love ramen!

02. “Rumbless.” is an interesting choice for a band name. Can I ask what the story behind this name is?
Roku: The name is a combination of the words “rumble” and “bless”. We wish for our music to reach people all over the world.

03. Like I mentioned already, I am assuming most people won’t know who you are yet or what music you make. Is there any song you would recommend them to listen to first to get a good image of you?
Roku: Rumbless. has a wide range of songs so far already, but if you want me to suggest one song I would use as a business card it would be “catastrophe.”.
Sin: I would also suggest “catastrophe.”! It is the very first work of Rumbless., and the recording, mixing and mastering was done by Яyo Trackmaker (ex.girugämesh). He ensured it turned into a wonderful sound. I was also quite particular about the music video. All in all this work is packed with the sound and visuals we wanted to express as a band.
Takaki: I would recommend “catastrophe.” as a first song. But all of our songs have different qualities to them, so if you became interested in our works after listening to this song, please listen to our other songs as well.

04. In September of 2019 you released your very first EP “φ -phi-“. I am sure you’ve had some feedback on that release by now. Was your very first EP received like you hoped it would be by your audience?
Takaki: I was surprised to hear so many evaluations from overseas, especially since from Japan I haven’t heard any feedback that allows me to say it went as I expected it would go. So I would really like to do a live show and a tour soon so many people can listen to our works.

05. This January you’ve followed up with another EP titled “Σ-sigma-“. What can you tell me about this release?
Roku: “φ -phi-“ was released at the time we were starting up the band. We’ve decided to name our new release “Σ-sigma-“ because we wanted to expand our previous work and flesh it out further. We had that plan before we even officially started the band, so to us these works are part of a two-part series.
Takaki: This is a work that represents the first phase of Rumbless., together with our previous work φ -phi-“. At the very beginning I took these two EP’s to do what I wanted with this band.

06. This might be a bit of a common question, but since you’re all musicians now: what made you fall in love with music enough to want to be in a band?
Roku: I’ve always love to play music, ever since I was little. When I learned how much fun it was to sing, I happened to hear a song by Dir en grey and attempted a shout. I was shocked, but I ended up falling for the vocals as my main instrument.
Sin: When I was a student I was attracted to the visual kei genre, and I eventually started to admire it. I had a chance to form a band with an acquaintance who had the same dream. I was encouraged to play the bass because it was so easy, and I started to play it. But actually… It wasn’t so easy when I first started out. (laughs)
Takaki: In one scene of a movie the main character had an instrument, and I was inspired by it.
Tva: When I was in my third year of junior high school I wanted to play MEGADETH, which I loved at the time, and I bought a bass guitar. I started learning from a college student because it was so hard to learn the scale of the bass. And it seemed fun to play when I hit it.

07. For Rumbless. you have chosen a more visual kei-style for both the sound and the looks of the band. But why the visual genre and not something else like for instance jpop?
Roku: Of course it’s wonderful to have music that fits into everyday life in it’s natural form… But the band I especially admired was one that gave rise to various sensations and emotions, which were extraordinary and covered various world views. Based on this I wanted to become a person who sent that same feeling out into the world, so it inevitably turned into a visual band.

08. Of course everyone has their own preferred fashion. Not just in daily life, but also within the band. Your outfits all match each other enough for people to see you are a group together, but how do you go about the details that make everyone’s outfit unique? Does one of you design it, or does everyone participate in the designing phase?
Roku: I decided on the concept for the overall atmosphere and direction, but after that was established I requested the other members to help out so I wouldn’t choose something for everyone by myself.
Takaki: It was interesting that all the members showed a different feeling from when they were making music.

09. You know I am based in Europe and thus would be considered to be an “overseas fan”. A lot of overseas fans can’t come to Japan to visit the shows of the artists they like, so they are very dependent on artists coming to their country to be able to see them play live. Does Rumbless. have any dreams about playing a live outside of Japan? Is there anywhere in particular where you’d like to play?
Roku: I know there are listeners all over the world who love visual kei music. I would like to play wherever I can, but especially in Europe, Taiwan, etc.
Sin: If there is a country that wants Rumbless. to play there, I would love to try it! I personally have the courage to try things abroad, so I look forward to your invitation! (lol)
Takaki: I want to go to all the places I have never been to. If you want to help us out you can do so by informing promoters in your country about Rumbless., but you can also spread the word of our music so more people can help you promote us.

10. Even though it’s not the happiest topic we can talk about right now, the Corona virus makes it very hard to be a musician during this time. A lot of artists are doing stuff online like live shows or just livestreams in general. Are you planning on doing something online as well?
Tva: We have no plans at this time, but we are considering it. I want to do something online, not just live!

11. Because of the global pandemic we all have to stay home and find other ways to entertain ourselves and pass the time. What are you guys doing at home right now? Maybe you can inspire some people with new ideas!
Sin: I care about the refreshing methods that can be done at home. In my case I prepare several different kids of bath salts and choose one that matches the mood of the day before relaxing in the tub. It feels a lot like a hot spring! (laughs)
Takaki: The Corona virus should end early, but I think that the current situation in which we’re forced to stay home is a good opportunity to reconsider myself and everyday life. I would like to take this opportunity, but I wonder if it would improve my everyday life if I tried to do something I can’t do. I’m learning new things about music and it’s so fresh and fun.
Tva: It’s all about making a Gundam plastic model. The spirit is sharpened!

12. How can people support you guys during this difficult time? Since you obviously can’t do anything in person right now…
Takaki: Please listen to a lot of songs and give a lot of impressions.
Tva: I can’t meet everyone live, but I hope I can add fun to your life through music. Even if you don’t have the original CD, you can listen to it on our YouTube channel or through streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify.

13. What about your future goals? What do you as a band dream about?
Roku: I want to do a oneman live. And after that I want the situation to end early and go on a tour. I also want to visit tourist spots with the members.
Sin: I want to go on a oneman nationwide tour! As an individual I want to continue to enjoy and play music.
Takaki: I want to be in a band that can fly around Japan and overseas. Which is also required by tens and thousands of other people.
Tva: As Rumbless. I want more people to listen to the existing songs. As an individual I want to improve my drumming skills and the stability of the live performances.

14. What about a little closer into the future? Are you planning a new release already perhaps? And where can people find your current releases?
Takaki: You can listen to our music through our YouTube channel, but also popular streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify. As members we are also on Twitter and Instagram, so please feel free to listen to our music and give us your impressions.
Tva: We’re making music all the time, so we do plan on releasing something again this year!

15. And as a final question to close off this interview, do you have a message for everyone reading?
Roku: Let’s meet alive! Anyway, that’s all.
Sin: When we go abroad or you have the opportunity to come to Japan, please visit us for a live performance! Rumbless. will continue to work with a passion. Thank you for your continued support!
Takaki: Thank you for reading. I think that when this interview gets published we’ll still be in the middle of the war against the Corona virus, so please be careful first. I think Rumbless.’ songs will add a lot to your feelings, so I am happy if I can accompany you in your everyday life. I will do my best, so thank you!
Tva: Thank you for reading to the end. The Corona virus is going to be a rough task worldwide. If you know someone who is feeling down while they’re at home and trying to kill time there, it might be a good opportunity to ask that person to listen to our music as well. Listen to your favorite music and let’s overcome this without feeling down!

Rumbless. – catastrophe. (MV):


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