OSWALD by Cazqui’s Brutal Orchestra

After parting ways with NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST, guitarist Cazqui initially formed 猫曼珠-nekomanju-, but a few months after 猫曼珠-nekomanju- starting activities Cazqui dropped word about his “Brutal Orchestra”. A group that exists 架神 (Kagami) (DEXCORE) on vocals, Daiki (Deviloof) on bass, Zyean (JILUKA) on drums, and of course Cazqui himself playing the guitar.
OSWALD was released to the public as a physical CD on the day of the very first live of the orchestra, on November 24, 2019, but is also available as a digital release on Spotify, Apple Music, Line Music and Amazon Music!

Tracklist (CD):

01. The rupture of a blood vessel (feat. Velladon)

The rupture of a blood vessel (feat. Velladon)

Initially this intro really reminds one of the familiar introductions NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST uses to their releases, but with a slight comical twist thanks to the cartoon sounds used near the end. Don’t let yourself be fooled though, the intro is completely a completely different style than the main song is going to be, but if you’ve followed the work of Cazqui’s previous band you’ll definitely find this style very familiar to the ears with it’s orchestra-style.

Oh boy. Where to begin. There are many, many parts to this song, combining different styles and elements with each other to create one song. All while being somewhat traceable to the other acts the members are working on/have worked on. There are familiar elements from DEXCORE, Deviloof, JILUKA and of course Cazqui’s own style of playing guitar which comes through very, very clearly above all others.
Changing tempo and style more than once, OSWALD is a song that combines the heavier, more chaotic style of heavy metal with a calmer, more mellow style that is primarily lead by drums as well as hard rock influence. To make a long story short: OSWALD is an adventure, both in the sense of 架神 (Kagami)’s vocals changing from screams to regular rock ballad throughout the song, and the instrumentals toning themselves down during the ballad-parts before picking up like nothing ever happened.


Like I already said, OSWALD is an adventure. There are elements that I really like in this release, but there are also parts that I rather would not have heard. The biggest “issue” that I have with this release is that with the main song it often sounds like every member is doing their own thing rather than making it a cohesive whole. Each element on their own sounds impressive, but when put together it really seems like everyone is on their own island and the end result was put together in a rush to be able to make it for the final release date.
If you are a fan of Cazqui or one of the other members OSWALD is a very nice release to keep updated on their current activities, but I do hope that the next release of Cazqui’s Brutal Orchestra sounds more cohesive as a whole than OSWALD currently does. As a first release it’s a nice introduction to what Cazqui hopes to achieve with this new lineup, but when compared to his other project 猫曼珠-nekomanju- there is a huge difference between the approach used for both projects.
On a random side note: the artwork for this release was made by Black Ink Japan, the same artist who has made most of the artworks NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST used for their releases, and as always they have managed to translate the single into a beautiful piece of art which really fits with the release and the style.

Final score: 65/100


Release information:
Artist: Cazqui’s Brutal Orchestra
Release: OSWALD (single)
Release date: November 24, 2019
CD number: N/A – live & digital limited release only

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