Warrior of Liberation by Jupiter

After the release of their first full album with KUZE as their new vocalist, Jupiter returns full force with a new single packed with three unique songs for fans to enjoy. Each song on this single is unique in it’s own way, which made this is a fairly difficult single to review for me, but despite this hurdle I have tried to put some words down to describe the latest addition to Jupiter’s discography. Has Jupiter changed their style since their second visit to Europe? No, definitely not. But there are a few small elements that haven’t been used before, as well as an addition in the vocals for one of the new songs that absolutely has to be highlighted.

Tracklist (CD):
01. Warrior of Liberation
02. My Enemy
03. Save your life

Warrior of Liberation
(Composed by HIZAKI, lyrics by HIZAKI.)
The title song of the single is exactly what you’d expect from Jupiter based on their previous album alone. A high-paced, powerful piece with KUZE’s melodic, yet deeper vocals over the instrumentals. As usual the center stage for the instrumentals in Jupiter’s works is reserved for the guitars with fast pieces to really underline the progressive metal influence Jupiter incorporates into their works.
It doesn’t take a genius to understand that the choice for a music video for this release has ended up being this song as well. The music video itself is quite simple with a black background and every member showcasing their new outfit for this release throughout the song, which is basically a playthrough of the song itself. A lot of detail has gone into the outfits of each member and the music video really highlights this, but other than that it’s not that fascinating thanks to the various camera angels and quick changes between shots. There is no story to visually enjoy, which is a bit of a shame compared to the rest of the release.

My Enemy
(Composed by HIZAKI, lyrics by KUZE.)
The second song of the single is a lot more aggressive than the title song, but keeps up the high pace of the single. Similar to the vocal style KUZE used on “Bring me out” on the “Theory of Evolution” single, the vocals showcase a different side of KUZE’s voice than the other two songs found on the release. There’s also more of a classic (read: “oldschool”) type of metal influence due to those changes in vocals, as well as the guitar sound primarily. An interesting thing to note is the use of English in the lyrics, something we have seen very obviously in the song “SHOW MUST GO ON” from the previous album. It’s still broken English, but it brings the message across to fans who don’t understand Japanese (very well).

Save your life
(Composed by HIZAKI, lyrics by HIZAKI.)
Opening up with a choir (which, fun fact, includes the vocalist of Ancient Myth, Michal, as well!) slows down the pace of the single, but keeps the melodic power it showcased until now. “Save your life” is impossible to compare to the other songs, which is something the other two songs by itself also have. Each song is unique in it’s own way, yet work very well together. The addition of the choir throughout the song elevates the song to a different level, something that only gets amplified by Michal’s voice within the choir itself. So much that I even dare to say that the most interesting song of the entire single is in fact “Save your life”. (Even if that was a pretty close call with “My Enemy” before it.)

“Warrior of Liberation” is a powerful single that underlines what Jupiter stands for as a band. Just like with the previous album the majority of this single has been written and composed by HIZAKI, something that you can really hear in the songs themselves, but it’s also a very safe method of working. Jupiter has a very specific sound that works for it’s songs, regardless of the capabilities of the vocalist. So with every new release of Jupiter you can already guess if you are going to like it overall, or not. Warrior of Liberation is no exception to this unwritten rule, but just like I already said with the release of “Zeus ~Legends Never Die~”: the majority of it comes from HIZAKI’s hands. Making it more like HIZAKI’s project rather than a group effort of actual band.
Regardless, with Warrior of Liberation Jupiter once again manages to drop a release that will no doubt please their fanbase, myself included! Each song has it’s own sound and has something unique going for it to keep it interesting to listen to over and over. For the title song it’s how “consistent” it is with the majority of Jupiter’s discography so far, for the second song it’s the style similar to the one used for “Bring me out” on the “Theory of Evolution” single, and for the final song it’s the addition of the choir which on it’s own really elevates the song to a different level.

Final score: 80/100

Release information:
Release: Warrior of Liberation (single)
Release date: April 8, 2020
CD number: ZRJP-2001

Jupiter – Warrior of Liberation (MV):

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