At the end of May NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST started their “counterattack” with the sudden release of the digital single “Life is Once”, and roughly two months later they’re back again with another new song, this time titled “ONLY HUMAN”. Additionally the band announced this release is part of a 2-months-consecutive release, so keep your eyes peeled for another release at the end of August!

Just like the previous digital release, the band only released a lyric video for their new song rather than anything visual involving the members themselves, or even a hint of who their new guitarist is. They keep teasing it though, so all we can do is wait and find out!




(Composed by NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST, lyrics by 尋 (Hiro).)
The “aggression” the band displayed with their previous release has definitely sparked a fire within them that is going to be hard to extinguish, because “ONLY HUMAN” continues on the same path it’s predecessor with a high tempo and an instantly recognizable heavy metal sound that is exclusive to NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST as a band. Additionally the lyrics provided by 尋 (Hiro) paint a clear picture of the world as we know it today, and not in a good way. We are “only human”, but “we must notice our folly before the world collapses” is a very clear message, isn’t it?

When compared to the previous release, the “aggression” of “ONLY HUMAN” is mostly in it’s lyrics, but that doesn’t mean the instruments are pushed aside in any way. De powerful drums, bass and guitar have found a perfect harmony among each other which doesn’t just allow you to hear every instrument clearly, but they also create their own individual spotlights. On top of that 尋 (Hiro)’s vocals are “on point” with this song as well, and all of this boils down to the band being able to show that they’re more than a “one trick pony” while being instantly recognizable with their music. From the moment the first notes of “ONLY HUMAN” start to play you’ll instantly recognize it as one of the works of NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST. Something that by itself is something to be really proud of already.


NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST are absolutely “attacking” the music industry from the shadows, and with this single they have again proven that they’re absolutely worthy of their title within the heavy metal industry. Despite being in a genre that is hard to compare, even to other bands in it, they have created an unique bubble for themselves with a nearly unbreakable foundation.
While for me personally the preference goes to “Life is Once”, “ONLY HUMAN” is definitely a song you have to listen to. There isn’t anything for me to “complain” about on a technical level either. I’m very much enjoying this “counterattack” and am eagerly awaiting what the next release will bring us.
So, like I said last time as well, if you haven’t hopped on this bandwagon yet: what are you waiting for? We are currently in the middle of a wild ride, and you wouldn’t want to miss the end of it now do you?

Final score: 85/100

Release information:

Release: ONLY HUMAN (digital single)
Release date: July 27, 2020
CD number: N/A, digital download/streaming only

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