Devil’s Calling/Angel’s Cry by Deviloof

In January of 2020 Deviloof already announced the release of the next single of the band, “Devil’s Calling/Angel’s Cry”. The original release date was set to March 11 of the same year, but was eventually delayed indefinitely. Surprisingly fans didn’t have to wait too long for the new work to be released anyway, since the band’s webshop promised shipping would start on August 7, 2020.
That being said, the band also decided to make the single a bit of a rare gem overall by only making it available through mail order at their own webshop rather than any major retailers or streaming services. (Devil)Oof!

Tracklist (CD):

01. Angel’s Cry
02. Devil’s Calling

Angel’s Cry
(Composed by Ray & 大樹 (Daiki), lyrics by 大樹 (Daiki).)
The first song on the single is a completely different side to Deviloof than any side we have seen up until now. With this melodic speed metal piece Deviloof shows that they are so much more than your average “hard and heavy” play style within the heavy metal scene. And not just on the instrumental part, oh no. Vocalist 桂祐 (Keisuke) also shows a completely different side to his voice that leaves him almost unrecognizable, but in the best way possible. There are no screams or growls in this song like you hear in Deviloof’s other songs and would expect here, but without these screams the “Angel” theme of this song is highlighted so much more. Despite that Deviloof know to both surprise and entertain with this song, which definitely would appeal to people who normally aren’t interested in their works or this style.
If you ask me, the “experiment” of creating and adding the song in this style is a great success, and I hope that we’ll see more of this style in the works of Deviloof in the future!

Devil’s Calling
(Composed by 桂佑 (Keisuke), lyrics by 大樹 (Daiki).)
While “Angel’s Cry” ends with a suggestion of 8-bit music already, Devil’s Calling continues this theme with a melody that might remind a lot of people of retro gaming like Castlevania for example, but shortly after the song turns into the signature style of Deviloof: loud and heavy. Where 桂祐 (Keisuke)’s vocals were soft and melodic earlier, they’re now back to the regular scheduled programming for Deviloof with grunts and growls like no one else can produce them. The same goes for the instrumentals, which are also far more in line with the style like displayed on their previous album “鬼 (Oni)”. A very nice addition in the bridge area of the song is the return of the 8-bit music that was also used in the intro, but now combined with the sound produced by the rest of the members. This decision creates an unique piece within the song and breaks it up in an excellent way at the same time.

Despite the release being a bit of a challenge to get your hands on, especially since he webshop stock sold out in the blink of an eye, if you’re a fan of Deviloof’s works you definitely have to hear this single. With “Angel’s Cry” being the first melodic speed metal work of the band, they have shown diversity like never before. Overall the single translates the message very well on all levels and it has some nice new tricks that show the grow and evolution of Deviloof as a band. Where their previous release, “鬼 (Oni)”, missed a few elements to connect the songs to one another just a little bit more, “Devil’s Calling/Angel’s Cry” fills up this void immediately, despite both songs being as different from each other as they can possibly be.

Not only has vocalist 桂祐 (Keisuke) shown that his clean vocals are as impressive as his screams, growls and grunts, guitarist Ray and bassist 大樹 (Daiki) have opened a door to a unique new style for Deviloof that I hope the band will make use of more often. As it surprised me to see that a large portion of this release was made by 大樹 (Daiki) instead of only Ray and 桂祐 (Keisuke) like their usual releases look like. At the same time this isn’t all that surprising since 大樹 (Daiki) and 桂祐 (Keisuke) have been in another metal project before Deviloof together: All Must Die.
This single is an excellent example of teamwork and knowing your fellow member’s skills and weaknesses, all while introducing something new into their works with the 8-bit music and the melodic speed metal song that came as quite a surprise really.

If this hasn’t convinced you to check out Deviloof’s work if you’re a fan of or interested in the heavy metal scene, I really don’t know what to tell you either, other than “go check out their work already”!

Final score: 95/100

Release information:
Devil’s Calling/Angel’s Cry (single)
Release date:
August 2020
CD number:
N/A (mail order only, not available for streaming, etc.)

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