“The Betrayed” releases their first EP, “Crying with One Eye”

Ryo Fujimura started a band called “AciD FLavoR” in 1999, debuting as the 7-strings guitarist and leader of this same band from EMI in Japan in 2006, until the project’s disbanding in 2010. After the disbanding of “AciD FLavoR” Ryo picked up a solo career and writing songs for various Japanese artists next to that, as well as many live shows in Europe and several countries in Latin America.
In 2020, Ryo started a new project: “The Betrayed”.

The band released their first works in June 2020, in the form of a live bootleg from a show performed in February of the same year as well as an acoustic set that was split into two separate releases performed in June. 

Crying with One Eye
We all know that 2020 has been dominated by the corona virus and it has been a difficult time for both artists and fans everywhere. A lot of artists have started to publish their works online more, interact with their fans online through special live performances or simply appearances or even live streaming of a live with no audience. “The Betrayed” were actually part of this scene as well, making a special digital appearance at the 2020 online edition of AnimeCon in The Netherlands with a special acoustic performance as a part of a large artist reel with different artists combining forces to bring music to fans worldwide (since the streaming was available through Facebook worldwide, not just for people from The Netherlands).

Japan has also been in a state of high alert and lockdowns, just like the rest of the world. However this didn’t stop Ryo Fujimura and his fellow musicians Syu (drums), HIROA (lead 6/7/8 strings guitar), Pippi (bass) and guest vocalist MAYA from diving into the studio to record a total of 6 songs and combine them into an online release under the name of “Crying with One Eye”.

The EP has been released on the 6th of November and is available for ¥500 (Japanese Yen) through Ryo Fujimura’s Bandcamp page, which you can find here:

Because of this release being dropped I was able to ask Ryo Fujimura a few questions for a short interview. You can read my questions and his answers to them here: http://www.arlequinphotography.com/en/2020/11/a-chat-with-ryo-fujimura-from-the-betrayed

Photo credit: metro

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