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Back in 2019 I already caught Mikaru (from G.L.A.M.S) by complete surprise by showing up to the interview with questions that weren’t about his music, but about his paintings and jewelry.
(You can read this interview here:
At the time this article was a complete wildcard as I had no idea how it would actually turn out. Like, would you guys even be interested in reading about this different side of an artist? Turns out that yes, you guys absolutely did. To date it’s still one of the most read articles on Arlequin Photography, and for that I can’t thank you enough!

The importance of fashion

But what is the story behind this new category exactly? Well…
Ever since I first saw a “visual kei” music video I was fascinated by the visual appearance of it. The costumes and the decor, even though horror themed, were something that rooted itself stuck in my head. While for me the music of an artist is more important in the question of “do I like this, or not?”, it always makes me very happy to see an artist go all out on their visual appearance to match the theme of their music as well. To make a long story short: for a lot of artist the fashion is absolutely essential to their success.

From musician to designer

To a lot of artists the process of creating their outfits is relatively simple: they come up with the design and hand it over to an external company specialized in clothing to create it for them. Though every now and then there’s an artist who takes matters into their own hands and picks up a needle and thread themselves. Some even gave up their career as a musician to pursue a career in fashion instead. Or they have picked it up next to their activities as a musician.
Visual kei has always shown it’s diversity in what has turned into a big collection for pretty much everything you can think of, so to put the label of “this is visual kei” on something is extremely difficult for me. The genre is simply to wide for that. But that’s exactly what this category is for: the combination of music and fashion (okay, and accessories…).

First look

Despite the interview with Mikaru being the first article in this category, that was a bit unofficial. So as a first official look we have the brand new label from the guitarist of DaizyStripper, まゆ (Mayu): Mr.SunFace!

Do you want to know more about Mr.SunFace? You can find the article here:

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