SUI reveals details about his special birthday live shows

For his upcoming birthday in late January, SUI announced he will be doing not one, but two different live performances to celebrate the special day. Both performances, “Fragment & Reminiscence”, will take place at 浦和Narciss (Urawa Narciss) in Tokyo on January 23rd and January 24th respectively.

But, there is an update: because Japan declaring a new state of emergency to fight against the new mutation of the corona virus spreading further there have been a few changes in SUI’s schedule:
The show planned for January 23rd will be broadcasted live through Twitcasting for free. Everyone who has ordered a ticket for this show, either the physical one or the livestream one, can expect a refund since it is now changed to a free stream instead.
The show planned for January 24 has been moved to a new date in March as a whole. Tickets that have been purchased already will remain valid for the new date, so there won’t be a refund for this one just yet (unless you request one yourself, then there are options).

Fragment & Reminiscence Day 1

On the first day SUI will be supported by 遥 (Haruka), who is normally the guitarist from “the Reveude” on guitar and Mao Yamamoto on piano for a special acoustic performance.
This live will also be broadcasted on Twitcasting, so if you can’t make it to the live or live overseas, there’s an option for you! SUI promises to perform not only songs by David, but also songs from SUI as a solo artist in an acoustic style.
It will be a shorter performance however, scheduled to start at 4:30 PM and ending at 5:15 PM Japanese time.
A ticket for the livestream costs ¥2,000, and a regular ticket (meaning you actually have to visit the show) will cost ¥4,000. (IMPORTANT: Because of the emergency situation in Japan the situation has changed!)

Fragment & Reminiscence Day 2

The second performance will be with the regular lineup like we’re used to seeing from SUI’s live shows: Erina on guitar, Яyu (normally the bassist of Ashmaze) on bass and SYU on drums. SUI promises to not only perform songs from David, but also songs he composed under the name SUI, former projects and covers.
The show is scheduled to start at 5:30 PM Japanese time, and no scheduled ending time has been specified.
A regular admission ticket costs ¥6,000, and a special ticket costs ¥12,00. A special ticket includes priority admission, a memorial handwritten letter ticket and a calendar for the year 2021 you can hang on your wall.
There unfortunately is no livestream ticket available for this show.
(IMPORTANT: Because of the emergency situation in Japan the situation has changed!)

Extra information

For the performance on Day 2 there was a special event in which you could request up to 3 songs that might be included in the setlist, but requests were closed on December 31st, 2020 for rehearsal purposes. Since this article actually went up after this scheduled date, I decided not to mention it as an option.
During the second day there’s also a special commemorative single available, titled “Fragment & Reminiscence”. This single will only be available for a limited time. There’s also a photo session scheduled for after the performance ends.

All tickets are available through David’s webshop, here:
Or, if you’d rather have a direct link for each ticket, I’ve made a list here for you:
Day 1 (livestream, ¥2,000):
Day 1 (regular admission, ¥4,000):
Day 2 (regular admission, ¥6,000):
Day 2 (special ticket, ¥12,400):

Also, SUI’s webshop has a special option for overseas shipping. But we’ll get into this in detail another time.

And especially for the fans in Europe: SUI and his team are still working as hard as they can to make the show in Paris that was supposed to take place in 2020 happen anyway. Once more information becomes available I’ll let you know too!

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