I promote my work under the name “Arlequin”, but my real name is Stephany.
Originally I was part of a duo under the name VKPhotographyNL since 2009, which was a name I never really liked. It felt very generic and I didn’t feel like I was able to be myself by keeping that name after my partner decided to quit. In 2017 I finally decided to make the step to Arlequin Photography, and in 2018 I decided to appeal to the local readers more by adding Dutch as a second language to publish my works in.

Photography has always been a hobby of mine, but before 2009 I never really dared to pick up and hold a camera because of my terrible eyesight. I was born with very weak eye muscles, which make it quite hard for me to keep my eyes in one place and focus on what I am trying to look at. It also gives me difficulties with reading, writing, drawing… Anything you need to focus on, basically. I don’t like to go into detail about it too much, but what I can and can’t see is quite limited.
Throughout the years my eyesight has decreased immensely, but that’s not a reason for me to give up what I like doing.

Because of these problems it was always very hard for me to follow the trends the kids around me liked, like movies and video games. So instead I spent most of my time listening to music and eventually came in touch with the visual kei music genre through the music video for the song “OBSCURE” by Dir en grey, which had a late showing on the weekly metal & hard rock hour of the local channel TMF.
It was so different to me that I took to the internet and discovered that there was a whole new world to explore.

From VKPhotographyNL to Arlequin Photography
When a teacher heard about my love for music many years later he encouraged me to pursue a different kind of hobby in which I could actually share this passion with others, and he talked me into doing an interview he arranged with ダウト (D=OUT) for me to support a school project I was working on during that time. Despite the very specific and weird questions for this interview the band received it so well that I decided to continue ever since that day, with the intention to introduce people to visual kei and the many, many different forms it can take as a form of art.

Future & collaboration
While my main focus will remain photography and interviews, I do plan on picking up more elements in the future (like CD reviews, for example), and I very much encourage the creativity of others. If you have something that you think I would be interested in, you’re more than welcome to contact me and we’ll talk about it!