Who am I?

Well… You probably already guessed I’m Arlequin, but my real name actually is Stephany.
Arlequin Photography was originally created as a school project in 2009. Back then it had the name “VKPhotographyNL”, and was actually a duo instead of a solo project like it is now. Back then the project was started with the intention to combine photography with music, since those were the two things my partner was most interested in.

When my partner decided he no longer wanted to be a part of the project in late 2012 I tried to keep everything going, but never felt comfortable doing it under the same name. So that’s why the name was changed to “Arlequin Photography” in 2017 to make it more personal, as I was the sole creator behind it ever since.

What is “Arlequin Photography”?

The main goal is to promote artists and their music outside of Japan. While the focus is on the visual kei genre, it is not limited to it. Whenever possible I try to cover other genres as well, or even artists from other countries that were inspired by this fascinating and diverse genre.
Be it through live photography, interviews, reviews of their music or other interesting articles, as long as the information reaches you I feel like I have reached my goal.

When I was little I didn’t have any interest in music. Nothing caught my attention. Until someone in high school unintentionally introduced me to Nightwish and Within Temptation, which were part of a genre that was only actually celebrated at a specific time every week on a local music channel.
I quickly became a frequent viewer of the program, and couldn’t believe my eyes when it played the music video for “OBSCURE” by Dir en grey. It was only played once for as far as I know, but due to my interest in horror I was fascinated enough to take to the internet to try and find it again. Which I did, but not before I found quite a number of other artists that interested me as well.

When I continued my life as a student, but this time one of graphic design, I took my love for visual kei with me, and caught the attention of two of my professors at the time. I had free spots in my schedule throughout the years and really wanted to fill these up with a minor in photography, but wasn’t accepted into the program due to my terrible (and still decreasing) eyesight. A decision that broke my heart, and these professors saw how badly it affected me. They created a project I could combine my love for music, photography and graphic design with, and even found a partner so I didn’t have to do it all by myself. All of this lead to a (very awkward) interview with the members of ダウト (D=OUT), who were more than happy to assist. One thing led to another, and I eventually decided to continue the project even after my partner decided to abandon it completely.

Questions? Suggestions? Anything else?

While I do this by myself, I am always open to hearing your ideas and suggestions. Is there a specific artist you’d like to learn more about? Let me know!
Do you have something of your own that you would like a platform for? Hit me up!
Are you, do you represent or work with an artist, even if they’re not in the visual kei genre? Great! Don’t let that scare you, there’s always an option! Just get in touch!

Honestly, music doesn’t know any borders. Even if the lyrics are delivered in a specific language, the language of music is universal.