[News] sleepyhead’s first full solo album will be available for streaming worldwide

sleepyhead is the solo project from the ex-vocalist of SuG, Takeru.
On June 20, 2018 he released his first full album titled “DRIPPING” which you can listen to all over the world through the major streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.
On this day he also held a YouTube live which was done completely in English to involve his international fans in his music more.

The album contains 13 tracks, among which “闇雲 (Yamikumo)“, “酩酊 (Meitei)” and “HOPELESS”, which have all been released as music videos through his official YouTube Channel prior to the release.

During his time with SuG Takeru was already active internationally, and he has toured Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Chile, but also various countries in Europe. As a  solo artist he is eager to keep up his international activities and he wants to realize a world tour. In the hopes of getting this going he has made his first full album available for streaming worldwide, and commented: “I’ll break the wall, I’ll go to your country. I don’t have any staff, but I have a lot of fans all over the world. So, I have to hold a world tour. Please keep supporting me.”

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