[Review] Deviloof – Devil’s Proof

Artist: Deviloof
Release: Devil’s Proof
Release date: 2017/11/15
CD number: DAKDVLF-4

CD Playlist:
01. Devil’s Proof
03. Natural Born Killer
04. Return of the Curse
07. InCipit -Instrumental-
09. M.F.JAP
10. 怠惰の罪 (Taida no Tsumi)

Deviloof is a relatively young artist on the scene and have gone through quite some events already, both positive and negative. Losing a guitarist (and gaining a new one), ranking #12 on the Oricon Indies Chart as the second artist ever in their genre and being selected at Metal Battle Japan as one of the six Asian artists to play at Wacken Open Air (a metal festival in Germany) in 2016.
The new logo (as from 2017) and artwork for this album have been made by Toshihiro Esgawa (who is mostly known for his illustrations for BABYMETAL, SiM and ARCH ENEMY) and Яyo Trackmaker (formally the drummer of girugämesh) has been welcomed as their Mix Engineer in the same year.
A long story short, Deviloof already has quite a history in such a short amount of time.
After the music videos for Ruin, ESCAPE and M.F.JAP as well as a mini-album “PURGE”, let’s take a look at their newest release “Devil’s Proof”.


As expected from a band that incorporates grindcore in their core sound this album is one big chunk of heavy metal. And when I say heavy, I do mean actually heavy. Be prepared for a sore neck with these guys, because if you like this kind of music the urge to bang your head along is almost impossible to resist. If you imagine these guys combine the visual aspects of the visual kei scene you wouldn’t really expect them to present this kind of music, which puts quite a few metal acts I’ve heard this year to shame.

The songs are all very fast paced, and if you liked their music videos for ESCAPE and M.F.JAP you will definitely not be disappointed, as they perfectly blend in with the rest of the album. If death- and grindcore wasn’t your kind of music in the past you might want to reconsider giving this brutal collection of songs a listen anyway, since vocalist Keisuke manages to create a certain tranquility with his singing voice without breaking the flow of the songs. Even on the InCipit – Instrumental- track you won’t even miss the vocals, as the guitars (which are both 7 strings played by Ray and Seiya),bass (played by Daiki) and drums (played by Hiroto) will take you along on a musical ride without you even noticing it.

The heavy metal genre and all it’s sub-genres certainly isn’t for everyone, but if you enjoy artists like JILUKA, NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST and Far East Dizain, “Devil’s Proof” is an album that you should definitely add to your list of stuff to listen to!

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